Father’s Day Gift Guide

Men are the worst to shop for. The worst.

What do you immediately think of when you need to get a man a gift? A tie. Cufflinks. Something golf and/or alcohol related. Spend more than a few years with any man and you whip through that tired old list pretty fast.

In an effort to help you (and kick start my own gift giving ideas), I’ve put together a list of Father’s Day gifts that are at least a little different from those same old options the internet is flooded with at the moment.

Star Wars t-shirt set: a quirky variation on the classic best dad t-shirt. Great for new (and nerdy) dads like my hubs–just be sure he’ll wear it before you buy it.

Sports hoodie: if the guy in your life is a big sports fan like mine, a good quality hoodie (that doesn’t look like it spent much of its former life on a dorm room floor) is always a good upgrade.

Smoking gun: does the man in your life love gadgets and cooking? He can use this gun to infuse a smoky flavor into everything from food and drinks to tea and spices. Sounds like a win-win!

Man can: this is perfect for the well-groomed fella–or one that could use a little help in that department 😉

BBQ set: stocked with a stainless-steel mini smoker box, gourmet smoking chips, Steakhouse Rub, jalapeño-peach BBQ sauce, and a basting brush, this set is perfect for all of the guys who take their grilling seriously

Bacon, maple & brown sugar caramels: does the dad in your life have a sweet tooth? Treat him to a different kind of sweet and salty combo–or you could just treat me to it!

TOMS shoes: Comfortable, stylish, and charitable. How could you go wrong?

Custom photo phone skin: for the smitten daddies and grandpas out there, you can’t go wrong with a phone skin featuring a big grinning photo of the kids they’re always bragging about.

Car wash gift bucket: your favorite car buff will have a sparkling set of wheels in no time with a set like this. Whether he finds taking care of his car relaxing or you offer to do the cleaning for him, he’ll love that you’re looking out for his other baby.

Pizza stone: the perfect summertime gift for a gourmand!!

So what do you think? Would anything here be good for the dads in your life? I’m indecisive and a procrastinator, so it will take me at least another week to make up my mind!


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  1. Riley M

    My dad would really appreciate some things for his grill since that is one of his many hobbies. Last year, I gave him even more of a reason to stay outside and barbeque, since I bought him a Tailgater from Dish. He has a pretty big TV on the outside of his RV, and he uses the Tailgater with it quite often. Why, a few days ago on Monday, he used it to watch the Rockies game in HD while he barbequed for the family. As soon as I got off work at Dish, I headed over, had some good food, and watched the Rockies win. I think my dad would enjoy getting some things for his grill or RV since he camps just as much as he barbeques…

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