My Week Through Instagram

Oh, what a week! My husband has been gone on a business trip for just about a week now and I’m feeling every second of it. Between Sam acting out because she misses him, Ellie kicking her monster act into high gear, and a brutally boring freelance project, I’m fried. Momma needs a vacation!

Let’s start with monster baby. Here are just a few of the things she’s tortured me with this week. If it was anyone else’s kid, I would think it’s hysterical (OK, I still think it’s kind of hysterical and definitely adorable). But she’s my kid and I have to keep her safe and this week, it hasn’t been so easy:

I’ll start small with the path of her destruction. This is pretty much an every day occurrence. She empties the lower part of our bookshelves before moving on to DVDs and Sam’s books.

To be honest, I just let it happen. If emptying a few books from the shelves is the worst trouble she’s gotten into, we’re having a pretty good day!

The problem with this girl is that she’s getting crafty. Case in point: see those little glitter fingers? Yeah, she got into my glitter. But it’s not like it was down where she could reach it. Oh no. She grabbed some of those books and piled them up so she could reach a little higher and then she grabbed it. She then proceeded to pour it on the cat and then rub him as if he was getting a bath before he hightailed it out of there.

As I touched on before, she’s getting crafty which is making it easier for her to climb up and into things. A few of the places I’ve found her this week: in the bathtub, on her sister’s bed (it is not a low bed!), on her sister’s desk, on the coffee table.

And let me be clear: this girl is never left alone long. I know the trouble she’s capable of. But she’s quick. I try to rinse a few dishes and this girl somehow manages to scale things before I realize she’s escaped the room.

On Friday we had a little sleepover with my nephew (the newly minted big brother). Like everything else this week, it was quite the experience. At different points in the night it was declared both the best sleepover ever and the worst sleepover ever.

There were ample snacks (my first mistake!) and a movie (Chipwrecked).

There were bedtime stories (both kids love when Samantha does the reading).

There was also a lot of fake sleeping. In fact, there was more fake sleep than actual sleep–but who actually sleeps at a sleepover?!

On Sunday we went out to lunch with my mom (aka Rara). We went to a local Italian place affectionately known in our family as “the good bread place.” Samantha refuses to eat anything but their warm, delicious bread when we go. This is her hamming it up with the statue (can you even call it that?) they have outside after filling her belly with her favorite bread.

Sam and I have also started doing yoga together every night. I found a video on Netflix that’s made up of five ten-minute segments. We’ve been doing a segment or two every night before she gets ready for bed. She absolutely loves it.

I couldn’t resist including one last picture of my little rosebud. She’s getting so big! This is her at the only point during the day where there is any silence in our house. As soon as those big blue eyes open, so does that mouth!


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