My Week Through Instagram

Most of last week was spent counting down the days until my husband came home from a ten-day business trip in Montana. My girls made sure to run me through the ringer (whatever that means) while he was away.

Samantha was full of sass and drama (but I was happy to hear she was her normal self at school! She saved the drama for her momma) and Elyssa was into even more trouble than usual…

Ellie’s favorite spot to find trouble is her sister’s room. If I forget to put the gate up for some reason she makes a beeline down the hall. She’s finally figured out how to pull out the chair to Samantha’s desk and climb on top to where all of the good stuff (like markers and glue sticks) are kept. When I walked into the room, she was sitting on that upper shelf, happy as can be.

That happiness faded preeeetty quickly when I removed her from her dangerous perch and put her on her sister’s zebra print rug. She let out a blood curdling scream and thrashed around on the floor for a bit before I found something shiny to distract her with.

In between bouts of Ellie causing destruction of some kind or another I managed to make a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries for Sam’s school birthday celebration. And by a bunch I mean I made 50 strawberries for a class of 20 that had three other moms bringing snacks in. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’ve inherited my mom’s obsessive fear of being under prepared.

Speaking of birthdays, Samantha had a marathon birthday party weekend on Saturday. First was her buddy Grace’s bowling party. These two have been in the same class since they were three years old! Samantha had a blast (aside from some minor bowling anxiety drama in the beginning).

Next up was a pool party. The kids had a ridiculously good time and were nice and tired by the end of the party. I was too after managing to keep Elyssa out of the pool for the whole three hours.

Here’s one of a sleepy Ellie laying on top of our poor cat. Luckily Iggy is both dumb and incredibly easy going or we would have a problem. Ellie absolutely loves animals and she just wants to hug him and squeeze him like he’s her big teddy bear. He’s always less than thrilled but he puts up with her nonetheless.

Last but not least, here’s a sweet shot of baby cakes loving her daddy and him melting. I wish I had a picture of Samantha the first time she saw him when he got back.

His flight was delayed so he didn’t get home until about 3:30 Sunday morning. The girls were in bed with me by that point (because that seems to be how we roll) and Sam stirred a bit when Tim got into bed. I told her to roll over and see who was home. She gave him a little smile, wrapped her little self around him and fell back to sleep. He was in heaven!


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