My Week Through Instagram

There was so much action jammed into the last half of last week alone, I don’t even know where to begin! I guess I’ll start with Friday, which was Samantha’s birthday and her last day of school. She only went in for an hour so we saw Brave and went to lunch at Friendlys with our friends. Here are all of the (adorable) ladies lined up after the movie (which they loved):

Next up, we had a weekend full of birthday parties for Miss Samantha. On Saturday our family came over and showered her with kisses and presents.

Ellie was just glad there was cake.

On Sunday we had a spa party with a bunch of her school friends. Three of my (most awesome) friends came over to help paint nails, apply Hello Kitty tattoos and cucumbers on their eyes, and supervise a craft project (DIY details on that to come!) and ice cream sundae making.  There was lots of dancing and hilarious conversation. Here’s a sneak peek at how I made the sleep masks the girls decorated:

After we came down from our birthday/party mania we’ve just been trying to ease into a summer schedule. Samantha started (outdoor) swimming lessons on Monday and somehow it’s suddenly freezing here in NY (at least it is at 10am when it’s cloudy and breezy).

We planned on spending some time at the pool this morning but it was just too cold. Instead, we came home and snuggled up to watch Thumbelina with some popcorn and hot chocolate.

Later on (when cabin fever started to set in(, we headed out to a playground on the river. Sam loved being able to look out at the water while she played.

She also loved the “rock climbing” wall they had. I was shocked at how good she’s gotten at climbing this year and how little fear she has of it suddenly.

This is totally unrelated, but Ellie has been packing purses with random things before we go anywhere lately. She definitely has seen her sister and I load up and she wants to get in on the action.

The other day we ran out to run errands and found that she had grabbed an old book from the college years off our bookshelf and stuck it in there. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Last but not least, these posts are never complete without the obligatory filthy-faced Ellie shot. Here she is after enjoying a single Oreo.


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