My Week Through Instagram

We started this week off the same as last week: lots of pool time. My Ellie Bean likes to take a second to relax in her little chair, stuff some food into her chipmunk cheeks, and collect ideas for mischief making from the big kids in the pool.

There was so much pool fun last week that on more than one occasion one or both of the ladies fell asleep in the car on the way home. On this particular day, we had to make a quick stop at BJs. Ellie stayed asleep through a diaper and outfit change and (much to her big sister’s delight) slept on Samantha’s lap for most of our shopping trip.

This weekend we headed down to Long Island to visit Tim’s parents and get the girls to the beach. My little neat freak went wild and was so covered in sand that she left a huge pile of sand not only on the floor outside of the bathroom when we got back to the house but she also could have built a castle with what came off her in the tub (this was after rinsing off at the little shower at the beach, mind you).

While she went wild building a sand castle and an incredibly long road to it (which included a lot of shouting orders at her dad and grandpa), my usually messy monster refused to put a toe in the sand. I held the  stubborn little thing just about the whole time,  sure that she would eventually relent because she wanted to get in on the action. She never did!

It was hot, hot, hot on Saturday, so when we got back to the house, we got out the kiddie pool for the girls to cool off in. I had no more swim diapers (do they even work?!) and regular diapers get so huge and waterlogged (not to mention the mess if they burst), so we put Ellie in a pair of Samantha’s underwear to run around in. We couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of her tiny tush.

We left on Sunday afternoon (after Tim took care of an eyeglass emergency) and the girls slept the whole way home while my husband and I continually cooed about how cute they are.

On Mondays we always go to story hour. After listening to the story and doing the crown craft afterwards, my little princess decided we absolutely had to go to DSW and try on shoes before heading home. So we did. And she posed like a superstar.

She (of course) absolutely had to try on the most glitterific pair in the place. I’m not sure how she does it, but she finds the most sparkly pair every time.

OK, so this shot isn’t the best quality but I had to include it. Samantha has been wanting to do a sneak attack pedicure on my husband for at least a week now. We (not-so) secretly decided that if he passed out on the couch watching TV, we would paint his toes. When I looked up from my work at about 11:30 on Monday night and saw him out cold, I knew I had to wake her up. So I did. She was ecstatic. We painted his toes with a hot pink strawberry-scented polish. As Sam said, mission accomplished.

Last but not least, my buddy tried out a pottery wheel she got for her birthday while the babe napped yesterday. She absolutely loved it and I’m hoping to find a pottery class somewhere nearby for her to do next year. Can you guess what everyone’s gifts from Sam will be come the holidays?



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3 responses to “My Week Through Instagram

  1. Janine

    I feel like I have missed so much!

  2. Anna

    Oh, those shoes! What a familiar sight. I think 2006 was the year of the shoe babies.

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