Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson: Most Glamorous Couple Ever?

First of all, it should probably be illegal for a couple to be as ridiculously good looking as Diane and Joshua (aka Pacey Witter). I’ve loved him since the Might Ducks days when he was far less fashionable (remember when he bleached his hair?). And she is just so seemingly down to earth and girl-crush worthy. When you combine the two of them and add in a sprinkling of sickeningly sweet adoration for each other it’s almost unbearable.

See for yourself…

click photos for sources

Whether on the red carpet or strolling through the streets of Paris, these two always look amazing. I especially love when they coordinate outfits, as shown in that last photo. It’s something that could so easily be cheesy, but they always manage to look so laid back and cool. I just love them!

Is there a couple who’s style you covet? Do tell!



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5 responses to “Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson: Most Glamorous Couple Ever?

  1. Wow…he is not Pacey anymore….

  2. that picture of Pacey — er, Josh — all disheveled in the gray t-shirt kills me. KILLS me!

  3. I totally agree ladies– especially with said gray t-shirt and the black and white shot. Swoooooon.

  4. I love how they are always matchy matchy. So cute! And yes, that gray tee pic is hot!

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