My Week Through Instagram

Why not start off with the obligatory face stuffing photo? This shot is of my favorite little piglet thoroughly enjoying some homemade pizza that Samantha and Tim made the other day.

On Saturday, we headed over to my mom’s (for some more pizza!) for a lunch date with my sister and my fat-cheeked niece, Olivia. This little munchkin was a few weeks early, but you’d never know it. Her briefly skinny little thighs are now big and fat–and those delicious cheeks speak for themselves!

Here’s a little look at Ellie loving on her cousin. She was madly in love–a little bit too in love, with lots of grabbing and belly patting and grabbing for eyelashes. It’s so amazing to see a nurturing, maternal instinct kick in at such a young age.

Speaking of maternal instincts, Samantha has loved to take on a mommy role for as long as I can remember. I love the look on her face as she’s staring at her sleeping cousin. She decided Olivia is the cutest baby in the world–even cuter than her sister! She doesn’t give that award out often!

Because I can’t get enough of these ladies, I had to include another shot. My nephew wasn’t around for this play date, but we’ll get him in there on Saturday when we invade my sister’s house (with Ellie in tow, any visit is an invasion).

This one isn’t the best quality, but it’s my little babycakes out cold after a long day. She looks just like her big sister here.

Once our crazy girls were asleep, my husband and I were on a bit of a board game streak this week. This shot is from the most brutal game of Trivial Pursuit ever. We played for about an hour and probably answered five questions correctly–combined. We stopped after I got a piece of cheese which means I’m the superior player, right?

Yesterday was Samantha’s first day of summer camp and Ellie and I were at a bit of a loss of what to do with ourselves. She’s trying to be a crafty little artist like her big sister here while mommy tries to get some work done. Gotta love Color Wonder markers! She can draw all over herself without leaving a mark–and believe me, she will draw all over herself.

This shot is of one of the sweetest/saddest moments of the week. Ellie escaped from my clutches for a minute while I was cleaning up and this is how I found her: tucked in to her sister’s bed with the book we’ve been reading at bedtime this week with a sad little look on her face. What you can’t exactly see is that she fished a pair of her sister’s underwear out of her closet and put them around her neck before climbing up.

Follow along with my crazy Instagram adventures @atouchoflovely!


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