Cheap, Easy Organization

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an organizational post–and you can tell if you take a peek inside my house. I always think summer will be when I get myself together. You know: clean out the basement, organize the closets, get rid of kids toys that never get played with. But this seldom happens. Who wants to stay inside when we can be at the pool or running around in the sunshine? Who wants to do manual labor when you’re sweating just sitting on the couch? Not this girl!

Still, I need to find some way to wrangle the mess that is my house. Since I’m both cheap and always looking for ways to be eco-friendly, I love the idea of organizational pieces that can easily be made from things I already own (or things that would only cost me a few dollars).

So off to Pinterest I go…

I’m kind of in love with this idea from Vintage Chic. It serves so many purposes! It’s a table! It stores clutter! It’s on wheels! Sigh.

Whether you create it with (free) wine crates from your local liquor store or you run into any craft store and pick up a few, this is a really inexpensive DIY that looks cool and can provide a home for wayward belongings.

I currently have a broken dresser sitting in my basement (much to my husband’s chagrin). It’s still down there because I’ve been waiting for an epihany. It seems insane to me to throw out the whole thing when so many pieces of it are still perfectly useful.

Enter this awesome idea for under the bed storage from Better Homes and Gardens. We all have stuff shoved under there anyway, no? Why not keep it contained–or better yet, get rid of unnecessary clutter and store things like seasonal items there instead?

I love this idea for the bathroom. We don’t have a lot of  storage and something like this (also from Better Homes and Gardens) would be absolutely perfect to get things out of our overflowing linen closet. I also like the idea of using little buckets if I can’t find a box that would work.

This idea would also work pretty well for corralling things in a kid’s room. Samantha has a desk that’s just overflowing with pens and markers and stamps and pretty much everything under the sun. Ellie loves to get into all of it. If we moved some of it into a box or buckets on the wall, it would make it harder for Ellie to reach (which is not to say that my stubborn little monkey won’t find something to climb so she can reach it, but at least it would provide her with a challenge).

This idea, which I found on Fresh Cut Spaces, is another fun one for a kid’s room–although if the jars are glass you would have to put them really high. Plastic jars that once stored peanut butter or jelly might work though, after they’re thoroughly cleaned. Just glue a cute figure (an Army guy or a Polly Pocket could also work) to the lid and paint them the color of your choice. I like that you can see into the jars so you know where things are without going crazy.

Another idea that may work for both Sam’s junk and my own crafting supplies are aluminum cans (via HGTV).

Whether you add magnets to the back and stick them on to something metal or punch holes in the back and hang them on a pegboard, this is a super easy and inexpensive way to store things that you use often. If you want to make them extra pretty, you could paint the cans or cover them with scrapbook paper.

Phew. Now I know what I’m doing with my weekend!



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2 responses to “Cheap, Easy Organization

  1. Super lovely inspiration….certainly worth a try!!!


  2. oh my…each DIY was cuter and more practical than the next…personally smitten with the bathroom “drawer” hanging from hooks…super cute and bathrooms always NEED the extra storage, no? Happy weekend.

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