My Week Through Instagram

I feel like a couple of weeks have been packed into this last one. We did so much! Let’s start with a typical morning…

Samantha generally gets up with the sun. She just can’t fathom opening her eyes, seeing that the sun is out and going back to sleep. For her that’s just ridiculous. Luckily, she’s finally at an age where she doesn’t (always) wake me up the second she gets up. Instead, she’s been making incredibly detailed drawings. One of my favorites is this mermaid she made this week (she’s still in sea creature mode from our trip to the aquarium). It’s currently framed and sitting on top of our bookshelf.

Then there’s Ellie. I like it when she finds herself in places like this. At least she’s contained…

When she’s not contained, she’s in places like this. We can no longer keep chairs around any of our tables when she’s loose. If you turn your back for a second, she pulls out a chair and stands on the table with a devilish grin.

On Friday, we went to Jumpin’ Jeepers (which is more or less a big indoor playground) with our friends. The kids had a blast. This is Ellie with her buddy Caroline.

And here she is going for a ride with her future boyfriend, Benny. The big girls were too busy running around like maniacs to get a picture.

Later that night we went to our friends’ house for a game night to celebrate Chris’ birthday. How awesome is this cake Janine’s coworker made for Chris?!

On Saturday the girls and I went to lunch with my mom. Since I usually show pictures of the mess Miss Elyssa makes of herself, I thought I’d show a shot of the mess she makes of me. This is her tomato sauce hand print on my jeans.

On Sunday, the girls and I headed out to Long Island for the first stop on our mini-getaway: my in-law’s house. This is Samantha getting serious with her bubble wand while ready for spying action with a new pair of old binoculars from her Papa.

She also got to play cards and get some cuddle time with her Uncle Colin (though their last game of Old Maid was highly contested).

The next morning we headed out to East Hampton, where my husband’s aunts have an amazing house. I have way too few pictures of the fun we had there, but that’s mostly because I spent a lot of  my time making sure my little animal was safe. Samantha did a lot of swimming (and blowing water out of pool noodles) while Ellie enjoyed throwing things into the pool for her sister to fetch.

We also wandered around town and through Sag Harbor. Samantha’s absolute favorite stop (aside from the ice cream place in East Hampton) was a sea shell store in Sag Harbor. She could have spent all day in there.

We also fell in love with this wall of vintage handkerchiefs in the house’s master bedroom. This shot does it absolutely no justice. The entire wall is filled with framed handkerchiefs that Eileen picked out. It is seriously amazing and has me and Samantha thinking of similar things we can do in our own house.


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  1. Aunt Pat

    Can’t help but smile at your girls’ pictures. Actually, I usually laugh out loud at most of Ellie’s. They are both precious.

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