The Easiest Headband DIY Ever!

If you can manage to ignore the dumb look on my face and the awkward pose (hey, I was singing and dancing in between taking self photos to keep my little bean happy. This is as good as it gets!), you’re going to love this super easy DIY. In fact, it’s so easy, it hardly qualifies as a DIY.

I’ve mentioned how much I like buns. And I’ve mentioned how I need to accessorize a bit more to escape the rut I’m finding myself in. This super quick, super easy (and super cheap!) headband combines all of my favorite things.

All you need is some tulle (you can buy 25 yards of it for less than three dollars on Amazon!). The piece that I used was roughly 26″ long by 8″ wide. Wrap the tulle around the back of your head and tie a knot in front as if you’re about to tie your shoes. Make sure it’s snug so that you’re not tugging at it all day! Once you’re happy with how secure it is, knot it again. You can either leave the ends out for a bow-like look that’s fun and whimsical or you can tuck them under (like I did here).

Cute. Easy. Inexpensive. Just how I like it!

What do you think?



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5 responses to “The Easiest Headband DIY Ever!

  1. lovely! I like to make headbands like that with ribbons or neckscarves, they look so cute!

  2. hahaha you don’t look dumb! In fact that is a pretty good multi-task picture! I’ll have to try that! Did you do a hairbun first, and then tie the tulle headband? I always have a problem with headbands tied that way falling off my hair coz it’s typical asian hair with no hold +_+

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I threw my hair in a messy bun (which was basically just me putting it in a ponytail without pulling the hair all the way through) and then tied the tulle in. As for slippage, have you tried crossing bobby pins in an X in a few places? It might help hold it in!

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