Help a Blogger Out?

Can I be really real for a second?

Lately, I’ve found myself in the middle of an identity crisis of sorts. I started this blog because I’m a hardcore word nerd (which is totally glamorous, if you ask me) and I was looking for an outlet to flex my writing muscles. Yet, in recent weeks, I’ve found myself turning my nose up at some of my own posts way too often. They seem so frivolous and fluffy, as if they’re written by someone on autopilot. And maybe that’s because they are.

I’ll spend an hour finding the perfect shirt and skirt combo and then surround it with writing that is nothing short of bullshit. Yes, I mean it when I say I like a particular outfit. But it’s as if I’ve been sleepwalking through the writing part of my posts. I’ve been throwing superlatives around like rice at a wedding and leaving it at that.

This must change.

There’s honestly no point of continuing with this blog if I’m not doing it right. Spewing out thoughtless sentences and not challenging myself or trying to improve my word nerdery (yeah, you can be a language geek and make up your own words) just feels wrong. I feel like a little bit of a fraud.

So, I’ve decided to switch some things up around here. I’m hoping all the changes will be for the better and I know the general direction I want to move in, but I need your help. I’m curious to know which posts are your favorites. Are there any that stand out? Is there anything you’d like to see that I haven’t been covering? Do you have any constructive criticism that might help a sister out? I’m a big girl, I can take it.



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8 responses to “Help a Blogger Out?

  1. I have been at that point SO many times. My writing blog (betcha didn’t know i had one of those!) has been completely neglected over the past few months because everything I was writing sounded like gah-bage to me. Maybe we can challenge ourselves to flex our word muscles together. What says you?

  2. It’s very brave to ask for advice on your blog. I did that once on the book of face and my friends posted all kinds of topics I never want to explore. That being said, the only posts I don’t read of yours, if I have to be honest, is your week through Instagram. My reason is because I am a mom, and I know what a typical week is like with my own kids; however, if you tweaked it to add one new idea a week you tried because of Pinterest, I would be intrigued. That being said, I love your blog and I read it more for escapism into the lovely things you find and write about.

    • Thank you for the input, Aimee! I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind.

      The Instagram posts are one feature I don’t plan on getting rid of because it’s a journal of sorts for me and I know a lot of my family members from near and far enjoy seeing what the girls are up to. I do like the idea of adding in a Pinterest attempt though!

  3. I love your “get the look” posts and your DIYs most. however, I think you should go with your guts and post what makes you feel good!

  4. Aww don’t worry I’m sure everyone gets that too at some point of blogging!! A blog shouldn’t be pressuring you, and being honest is great! I actually like all your posts! For example like the instagram ones with all your kids with such hilarious stories after! Inspiration posts are great too, and of course the DIY ones!

  5. Thank you, ladies! I really appreciate the input. I think you’re right, I’m going to go with my gut on this one. Because, really, if I’m not happy with what I’m doing, what’s the point of doing it?

  6. I think that’s quite common. Blogging has a lot of ups and downs and it helps to remember why you started it in the first place. If you’re not making money from it, there’s no point in feeling obligated to post if your heart isn’t into it. Readers will always be there so make it what you want! Good luck Jen.

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