I love email!

Shoot me glowing messages of love, mind bending questions (like which shoes to pair with your favorite dress), and your most embarrassing stories (or anything else you’ve got on your mind) at I’ll feature my favorites from time to time.

I also take celebrity style, DIY, and pretty much any other request you might have. Try me.

I’m available for freelance work as a writer, editor, and consultant. Email me if you’re interested.

You can also find me on Pinterest, TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

4 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Jen my name is Jordan,
    Do you write for a living?? I would love to be a fashion journalist but as im only 13 its hard to find people or magazines that take you seriously! Thanks a ton!
    Jordan x

  2. mollygreen123

    hi jen you are a big inperacion to me i love your blog molly

  3. Anna

    Hi Jen, I was wandering if you do editing as well. I need someone to edit/polish about 10 pages of text for my photography web-site. English is my second language. I used to write in Russian and, therefore, have high standards when it goes to writing. Please, respond via e-mail.

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