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Get the Look: Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has been looking amazing on her Total Recall publicity tour. Seriously amazing. My absolute favorite look so far has been an H&M/Diane von Furstenberg combo that she wore for interviews in Dublin.

While the skirt is kind of a weird length, it’s my only complaint about this look. I love the top tucked in and loosely draping over the waist of the fitted skirt. It’s a gorgeous silhouette. But my favorite part about this look is the color combo. It’s bright and cheery and so incredibly summery. I want it in my closet!

office: H&M sleeveless blouse, ModCloth skirt | date: ModCloth dress, Michael Antonio heels | errands: Mossimo Supply Co. tank, Mossimo Supply Co. shorts

Are you as obsessed as I am?


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Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson: Most Glamorous Couple Ever?

First of all, it should probably be illegal for a couple to be as ridiculously good looking as Diane and Joshua (aka Pacey Witter). I’ve loved him since the Might Ducks days when he was far less fashionable (remember when he bleached his hair?). And she is just so seemingly down to earth and girl-crush worthy. When you combine the two of them and add in a sprinkling of sickeningly sweet adoration for each other it’s almost unbearable.

See for yourself…

click photos for sources

Whether on the red carpet or strolling through the streets of Paris, these two always look amazing. I especially love when they coordinate outfits, as shown in that last photo. It’s something that could so easily be cheesy, but they always manage to look so laid back and cool. I just love them!

Is there a couple who’s style you covet? Do tell!


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2012 Espy’s Red Carpet Fashion

via Daily Celebrity Report

Jessica Biel was adorable in a little white dress by Christian Dior Resort. The silhouette was perfect for a sports award show–and for her body (those legs are kind of ridiculous)! She looked fresh and fun from her hair right down to those amazing Nicholas Kirkwood for Roksanda Ilincic pumps with neon heels. How fab are they?

The best part is, you could totally (and pretty easily) make a similar pair yourself. You just need a pair of pumps, painter’s tape, and neon paint. Tape off any parts you don’t want painted and then have at it. Just make sure the paint is completely dry before removing the tape.

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

From the front, Hayden Panettiere’s Armani gown was sort of blah. Yes, it’s pretty and sparkly but it could easily get lost in a sea of gowns. It’s just kind of average–until she turns around. The open back with that one band across is different and gives the gown a little sexiness that it was otherwise lacking. Not my favorite dress, but the back definitely bumped it up on my list!

via I’m Not Obsessed

Speaking of sparkles, the always adorable Zooey Deschanel was a glittering ball of sunshine in her silver and gold Oscar de la Renta dress.  And the accessories! I love that boxy clutch and the addition of a red belt kept the look light and fun.

via Babyrazzi

Mommy-to-be Brittany Brees also looked pretty fabulous (aside from the hair). The plum color is beautiful and a great choice for her.  I also love the one shoulder and the bling embellishment. I love a chic prego!

via Yahoo! Sports

Last but not least, we have to talk about Maria Sharapova and her absolutely amazeballs J. Mendel gown. First, we have to get a look at this thing from all angles because one photo just doesn’t do it justice.

via The Superficial

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

via On the Go Tennis

I seriously don’t even know where to begin. This dress is perfection! The color is incredible. The details are insane–from the pleating to the braided straps, open back and sheer skirt. And the way it looks in the light! I am truly, madly, deeply in love.

What do you think?


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Red Carpet to Closet: Amanda Seyfried

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I’m a huge red carpet geek. Any excuse to drool over pretty gowns and fab styling is OK by me.

What I (almost) like more is figuring out how I can translate my favorite looks into pieces that wouldn’t look terribly out of place in my own closet.  Last night’s Tony Awards gave me just that opportunity.

Amanda Seyfried / J. Crew dress / J. Crew belt / Marc Jacobs clutch / ASOS sandal

Amanda Seyfried strutted her stuff in a beaded Givenchy dress last night. I won’t lie, this look isn’t my favorite. The beading and change in color of the dress plus the bright belt is a bit much. What I absolutely love, however, is the combination of bluish-purple with bright pops of neon orange. So fresh and modern, don’t you think?

I decided to create a look that is inspired by Amanda Seyfried’s, but which is stripped of unnecessary extras. I focused on the color and I think the result is much cleaner and kind of perfect for summer. What do you think?


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Style Muse: Jessica Alba

For me, the quintessential style icon for a mom on the go is Jessica Alba. With her easy breezy layers and bright pops of color, Jessica remains comfortable, stylish and on trend. She shows us busy mommas that having babies doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our style.

With a few simple basics and some great accessories in your arsenal, you can easily (and affordably!) pull together a look like Jessica’s–no matter how jam packed your schedule may be.

Splendid tank / ModCloth scarf / Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
ModCloth jeans / Nasty Gal blazer

Who is your style muse? Is there anyone you turn to for style inspiration?


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Fashionable Mommas

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought today would be a great day to celebrate some of my favorite fashionable celebrity moms. These ladies prove that once we’ve had our precious little bundles we don’t have to retire into the world of mom jeans and sloppy ponytails (although some days it might seem soooo much easier). With a few solid staples, you can put together a comfortable look that is quick and easy to put on but leaves you looking polished.

Heidi Klum (mother of 4)

Reese Witherspoon (mother of 2 with another in the oven)

Nicole Richie (mother of 2)

Katie Holmes (mother of 1)

Jessica Alba (mother of 2)

With a good pair of skinny jeans, some comfy flats, a dress to mix things up and some fun accessories, you can create a comfortable look that’s perfect for a mom on the go. While it might be easier to pull on the yoga pants and not think about it, you’d be surprised at how much better and more confident you feel when you put just a little bit of effort into polishing your look.

Who is your favorite celebrity momma?


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90s Fashion Like Woah.

Is it just me, or do you see 90s-inspired fashion just about everywhere lately? I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t like it. In fact, aside from the floral jeans, I love it!

Sienna Miller now. Cher and Dee then.
Kelly Kapowski then. Minka Kelly now.
Rachel Bilson and Mary Kate Olsen now. Angela and Rayanne then.

I dressed more like Angela and Rayanne in the 90s than any of the other girls here. Over-sized flannels were my go-to piece, mostly because I hit puberty before most of my friends. I was desperately searching for something to hide the breasts that had suddenly sprouted and earned comments like “I see you’ve done a lot of growing this summer” from male classmates. Oh yes. That happened. And yes, I was mortified.

To this day I’m still drawn more to the flannel trend than any of the other 90s comebacks (although I do love the dark, flowy floral print dresses and skirts!).

What about you? Were you high fashion like Cher and Dee? All American like Kelly? Or grungy like Angela and Rayanne?


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Girl Crush: Michelle Williams

I have a huge girl crush on Michelle Williams. She’s so adorable and stylish and sweet. I kind of just want to scoop her up and put her in my pocket. And when I saw pictures of her and Jason Segel (one of my biggest WTF Crushes) canoodling recently, my love for her grew even bigger.

Whether she’s on the red carpet or taking on the streets of NY with her daughter, I always love her style. On the red carpet she’s generally very classic and feminine and demure. On the street she’s comfortable and casual, not unlike any other mom on the go.

sources: black bow, red, black, striped, sparkle

sources: chambray, shorts, play date, boots, flats

Aside from her style and taste in men, I love that her daughter always seems to be at the top of her priority list. While this is something that seems like a given it’s not always the case in Hollywood, where nannies seem to be with kids more than their parents.

Now I’ve said over and over again that I’m a huge awards show junkie and a big baby who is known to cry during acceptance speeches. Well, Michelle speech at the 2012 Golden Globes really got me (fast forward to the 1:30 mark if you want to skip the build up):

I think that pretty much says it all.


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Red Carpet to Closet: Jennifer Lawrence

Call me a dork, but I literally gasped when I first saw a photo of Jennifer Lawrence in the Prabal Gurung dress she wore to The Hunger Games premiere. This is not typically my kind of dress, but I absolutely love her in it! The cut, the fit, the seams–it’s seriously perfection!

I immediately started wondering if there was anything that even came close to it that a Real Girl could wear. I’m not really sure why this was a pressing question, considering I can’t imagine a single place I could have to go to where a sultry metallic dress would be a must, but I needed to know.

Splurge: ADAM, $200 / Steal: ASOS, $34

I’m sure people who know me will be shocked to hear this, but I’m kind of obsessed. Of course, the splurge is my favorite. I love the color and the paneling (as opposed to actual cutouts). But I can’t for the life of me figure out where I would wear a dress like this!

Where would you wear this dress?

While you think, I’m going to go do some lunges because the sight of Jennifer Lawrence’s butt in that dress is more than slightly depressing.


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Get the Look: Katie Holmes

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes has been out of the limelight lately (well, aside from her gorgeous appearance at the Vanity Fair party the other night), but any time I see photos of her running errands or taking Suri for a walk, I swoon. I just love her classic, laid-back style.

The photo at left is the perfect example of what I mean. She’s stylish in a classic way rather than grasping at fleeting trends.

I love drooling over trends just as much as the next girl, but when it comes to spending my money, I’d much rather do it on classic pieces a la Katie (sorry floral pants, but we’re just not meant to be).

Plus, I love how she manages to be casual without being sloppy looking, which isn’t always easy when you’re running around with a top knot and a few bags on your shoulder!

Here’s my version of her look:

casual chicGap shirt, Gap pants, TOMS wedges, Fossil bag

I swapped her killer floral platforms for a pair of TOMS wedges because I’m way less likely to face plant while chasing after a rogue child if I’m in some comfy wedges. Otherwise, I stayed pretty true to her look.

What do you think? Is Katie’s look your style or is there another celeb whose look you always squeal for?


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