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DIY Fail: Yarn Ball

Bloggers are always showing you their beyond perfect crafty creations, but you rarely see any missteps. And you know there are missteps.

I happen to think that you can learn just as much from my DIY failures as you can from my successes, so I thought I’d chronicle one of my recent mishaps.

Have you seen the seriously adorable hanging yarn balls that are all over Pinterest (the picture at left is just one of seemingly endless examples)? I thought a couple of pink ones would be absolutely perfect for the “About to Pop” baby shower I threw for my sister. Since I had all of the supplies on hand anyway, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

First, I gathered my supplies.

I collected a balloon, scissors, yarn, Mod Podge and a sponge brush and was ready for action (or so I thought). Since I knew it would get messy, I laid out some newspaper– although I’m not really sure why. The table I was using is already full of crafting war wounds. I’m hoping to tackle that in a future DIY, but I digress!

I took my (blown up) balloon and smeared Mod Podge all over it. Next I started wrapping my yarn all over it. As I was doing this, I started to wonder if I should have checked out some tutorial beforehand. Would there be enough Mod Podge to make the yarn good and stiff? What about the layer of Mod Podge on the balloon? How would that work?

I had a feeling I knew how it was going to work out, but I charged ahead anyway. Next time, I’ll look around for some tutorials or go with my gut instead of wasting time on something I was pretty sure wouldn’t turn out right.

When I was satisfied with the amount of yarn on the balloon, I tried to put another layer of Mod Podge on top (mostly because I was concerned the yarn wasn’t saturated enough).

I left it to dry over night and was greeted with this when I popped the balloon in the morning:

FAIL. Of course, my first layer of Mod Podge made a little skin underneath the yarn.

So what did I learn from this blonde moment?

If something seems wrong, it probably is.

Take a step back from whatever you’re doing and try to think about it from a different angle. If that doesn’t work, look for help from others. I hopped back on Pinterest and quickly saw that other people soaked their yarn in a mixture of water and glue (and sometimes corn starch). That makes much more sense, since you want the yarn to get good and stiff so that it keeps the shape of the balloon once you pop it.

Next time I go with my gut.



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Pretty Holiday Decorations and New Traditions

A recent shopping trip with one of my faves made me realize that I have a small (ok, large) obsession with holiday decorating. But when the munchkin and I cracked open our holiday storage bin, I was kind of horrified at its contents.

Aside from the unexpectedly small heap (I forgot I went on a manic purge while pregnant and nesting last winter), there were a whole lot of tsotchkes that left a lot to be desired.

So what does one do when faced with inadequate holiday decor? Why turn to Pinterest for inspiration, of course!

I feel a Michaels trip in my future! I’m loving everything natural and eclectic. I’m going to hunt down some crafty ideas that munchkin can tackle with me and that we can reuse every year.

We pulled out a Nutcracker she painted last year and a little papier-mâché tree she decorated and her face completely lit up. I need more of that!

Speaking of my munchkin and her holiday excitement, tonight is the first night of our new Christmas countdown tradition!

I was a little nervous that collecting 24 winter/holiday-themed books was going to be too pricy, but I popped into a local secondhand children’s store and nearly squealed with excitement when I saw that they 1) sold used books for $1.50, 2) were having a buy three get one free sale and 3) had a whole bin that was filled to the brim with holiday books.

Total score! I bought 16 books there for under $10 (I also happened to have a credit and a coupon). Combine those with the few we had at home and the three I picked up at Barnes and Noble and we’re all set!

I wrapped them up in craft paper that I embellished with clearance ribbon (notice the blue zebra print for my girl!) from Michaels, ribbon scraps I found around the house, raffia and some stamps I found in her craft bin. Half of them are now sitting under the mini tree she has on her dresser (we’ll move all of them underneath our big tree when we set it up this weekend!).

Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit? I want to hear about your decorations and traditions!


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