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Transitioning to Fall

Summer: Forever21 shorts / Tinley Road chevron necklace / Old Navy tami (tank + cami) / Guess flip flops / Fall layers: Old Navy cardigan / Forever21 layered necklace / Forever21 striped knit tights / Steve Madden oxfords

One of my favorite things about fall is the layers that go along with it. As it slowly gets cooler, we pile on more and more pieces to stay warm–which means we really get to experiment with what’s inside our closets.

The look I put together here is the perfect example of what I mean. It’s a mish mash (which, I’ll have you know, is a seriously technical term) of some of the most versatile pieces you could own.

If you’re trying to save some money, there’s no reason to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for fall. Instead, shop your closet and add fall colors and textures to your summer faves. Think chunky knits and jewel tones mixed with some of summer’s bright colors. Cobalt is one of the best transitional colors. It goes as well with summer’s carefree tropical palette as it does with fall’s deeper jewel tones.

I am seriously cheap and trying to get on a tight budget, so I will most definitely be using this little tip in the coming weeks. In fact, if I invest in anything this fall it will probably just be a pair of oxfords. I’m kind of obsessed.

How do you transition to cooler temperatures? Are there any pieces that are on your must-have list this fall?



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Accessorize Me!

I realized this week that I’ve been seriously lacking in the jewelry department. While this is no tragedy, it’s kind of strange for someone who used to make jewelry. Lately, I’ve been wearing my Anjolee studs and adding the occasional arm party, but that’s pretty much where it has stopped.

I’m thinking this should change. And immediately. Continue reading

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Handmade Haven: Turquoise

Yesterday I was talking about how summertime always awakens my love for anything nautical. Today I want to talk turquoise. Like the nautical trend, my love for turquoise always intensifies in the summer and holds strong through the fall, where it mixes nicely with autumn’s jewel tones. My love for it always begins with stones and trickles out to the color in general.

There’s something very bohemian and carefree about turquoise. It makes me think of bare feet, grassy fields and long dresses. I have no idea why. But because of the vibe I always get from it, I’m particularly drawn to turquoise pieces that are handmade.

So, without further ado, here is my little handmade turquoise round up:

Brooklyn Thread

Golden Plume

Xtra Virgin

Delezhen Charmed

Blue Soul Designs

Nava Glazer

Jenni Jewel

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Summer Trends: Nautical Fashion

Something about summer awakens a nautical craze in us ladies. Maybe it’s the promise of sea breezes or the longing for a scenic boat ride. Maybe it’s the easy, breezy style. Whatever the reason, once the weather turns warm, nautical looks are everywhere.

I’m certainly not complaining. I absolutely love the fresh, classic feel of a nautically-inspired look. With a combination of a few basic ingredients, anyone can pull off this trend.

dress :: headscarf :: cardigan :: ring :: earrings

By combining two or three of these details (there’s no need to pile them all on at once–you’re not trying to slam the theme home!) you can create a look that screams summer casual. Best of all? Nautical styles can easily transition into fall with a little bit of layering.


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Handmade Haven: Summer

1 Ella Gajewska Hats fedora :: 2 FantaSea Jewelry stacking rings :: 3 Golden Plume ring :: 4 Bayan Hippo cross body bag :: 5 Thread Etc. straw hat :: 6 Sandra Hagen caftan :: 7 Caroline Cochran fine art photo :: 8 Mama Bleu Designs clutch

I couldn’t possibly decide which of these pieces is my favorite. Looking at each of them is like a mini escape from reality (and who doesn’t need that every now and then?). I can almost hear the crash of the waves and the sea breeze on my sandy skin. If I could jump into this collection you better believe I would!

Do you make handmade pieces? Email me a link to your shop and you may find yourself in next week’s roundup!


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Obsession of the Week: Bezel Set Studs

Hello lovelies! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA of late. I haven’t commented on your blogs as much as I’d like to (but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been squealing over them!) and I haven’t had as much content on this blog as I’d like but that’s because I’ve been working obsessively on my new bridal blog and magazine, Bijou. It’s incredibly exciting and terrifying all at once and I can’t wait to share it with all of you at the end of this month (eeee!).

In the meantime, I wanted to share another current obsession of mine. I’m totally in love with all things bezel set at the moment. It’s so classic and clean! So when Anjolee offered to send me some diamond stud earrings, my interest was immediately piqued.

When I looked into the company a little bit closer and realized you can basically customize your own pieces and I learned that they’re committed to being eco-friendly, I was sold! I got my pretties in the mail about a week ago and I haven’t taken them out since (OK, so they didn’t send me actual diamonds, but they sent me a pretty sweet cubic zirconia version).

Aside from diamond earrings, Anjolee also has some gorgeous options for anniversary rings for women.

What do you think? Are you with me on clean, classic jewelry? Or are you more of a trendy statement piece kind of girl? I like to mix and match and as soon as I get myself together, I’ll do a few outfit posts so you can see both my new sparkly earrings and the cobalt pants that I finally bought in action!

* I received a pair of Anjolee studs for review, but the opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own.


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Lust List

Jonathan Adler bank / Valentino dress / Cole Haan sandals / My Bearded Pigeon pillow Calypso St. Barth skirt / House of Harlow 1960 necklace / Anthropologie coffee table


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Mad About Mad Men Fashion

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of Mad Men since my husband and I caught up via Netflix a couple of months ago. We had always heard good things about it from our friends and finally decided to give it a try. It was one of those shows that we couldn’t stop watching. We’d sit through three or four episodes at a time, always hungry for more. Towards the end of the fourth season we slowed up a bit, realizing we’d have to wait until the end of March to be able to see a new episode (the horror!).

Well last night we parked ourselves in front of the TV for two marvelous hours. I drank my ice cream float (thanks, husband!) and got lost in Don Draper’s world of advertising and relationship drama. I also swooned audibly more than once at the awesome fashion. I just can’t get enough of it!

I think my favorite Mad Men fashionista would have to be Joan. She is bursting with curves and she celebrates every inch of them. I love her wiggle dresses and the confidence in which she sashays around in them.

Of course, I had to poke around this morning to put together a classic Joan-inspired look that works today. Thanks to Mad Men, retro looks are everywhere so it wasn’t too difficult.

Joan photo / House of Harlow 1960 necklace / Estée Lauder lipstick / ModCloth dress

I love that you can wear an outfit like this without looking like you’re rocking a costume. It’s just so classic! I love the curve-hugging cut of the dress and the squared neckline. I switched out Joanie’s signature gold pen necklace for a gold arrow, which is a hot shape at the moment. If you want to go all out, Owliday Inn has some cute Joan Holloway-inspired pen necklaces.

What do you think? Are you as obsessed with retro fashion as I am?


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Birthday Wish List

So my birthday is coming up this weekend and I can’t talk to anyone without being asked what I want. To be honest, I’ve been so consumed by the thought that my little bean will be one next week (!!!) that I keep forgetting about my own birthday.

So, since I’ve been throwing out nothing but I don’t knooooows, I decided to put together a little roundup of things I’ve had my eye on… and that you might want too!

bathing suit / bag / rainbow cookies / crochet TOMS / cloud earrings / read sign / chambray shirt / TOMS flats / ice pop maker

Are you with me on any of these? And do you have as tough a time as I do thinking of gift ideas for yourself?


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As if I needed another reason to love Kate Spade…

My pal Jackie (aka my Bijou partner in fabulousness) posted this on our bridal blog yesterday. I’m in love!

Kate Spade “Henrietta Street” Fashion Film from Kinga Burza on Vimeo.

From the gorgeous color to the fab song, the typewriter, and all of the pretty Kate Spade pieces, I’m totally smitten! Which means it’s time for a little window shopping, no?

Kate Spade

green vase, striped bracelet, glitter pump, t-shirt, stationery, “eat cake” pouch, cork flats, plates, striped bag, magazine clutch, cardigan, necklace, dress, engraved bracelet, purple bracelet

I love them all but if I had to pick just one favorite, I think it would be the engraved gold bracelet, mostly because of the inscription. On the inside it says “this is the year to” and the outside says “be curious as a cat, lose yourself in a good book, add a twist, play your cards right, make sparks fly.” Adorable, right?

Which is your favorite?


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