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Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Lace Shorts

clockwise from top left: white, cobalt, hot pink, black, blush, blue

I always swoon a little when I see a pair of lace shorts, whether in a store or online–especially when said shorts have pretty scalloped edges. There’s something so feminine and pretty and somewhat unexpected about them. I guess it’s that you expect to see lace on lingerie and the occasional camisole, but shorts? Not so much.

Some people find them a little much. They think they’re a little too much like lingerie. I’m not about to traipse around town in lace hot shorts, but if they’re long enough I’m all for them.

Still, I don’t own a pair–yet.

Where do you fall on the lace shorts continuum? Are you a lace shorts cheerleader or do you think they’re just for harlots?



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Bohemian Beauty

Whenever the temperature starts to rise and bare feet no longer means frostbite, I find myself on a hunt for bohemian pieces. There’s something about golden rays of sunshine and feeling a warm breeze on your skin that releases your inner hippie, don’t you think? It just makes me want to wear flowy skirts and flowers in my hair.

This is a major reason why, when we were putting together the first issue of our bridal magazine (a summer issue), we decided to do a bohemian photo shoot. We chose flowy, laidback dresses, piled on bracelets and big floral hairpieces (which I made!). The result was a gorgeous spread that even non-brides can look to for inspiration.

Since way back in December I shared my list of to-dos for 2012 with you, I thought I’d share some of the fabulous photos from my first big styled shoot!

photographer: JacPfef for Bijou
makeup: Meredith Hayman
stylist: Jen Garry


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Lust List

Jonathan Adler bank / Valentino dress / Cole Haan sandals / My Bearded Pigeon pillow Calypso St. Barth skirt / House of Harlow 1960 necklace / Anthropologie coffee table


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Lace Week: Lingerie

With Valentine’s Day creeping up, what better way to end lace week than with some lacy lingerie?

I tried to collect a variety of pieces so that just about anyone can find something they’d wear…

Pleasure State

Victoria’s Secret

Toad Lillie

Victoria’s Secret

Fortnight Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret



Love by Susie

Which of these pieces would you wear? I’m loving them all but especially the high-waisted panties (I love the pin-up vibe!) and the pair with the heart butt (haha!).

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Lace Week: Jewelry

I don’t know about you, but jewelry is one of the last things I think about when I think of lace. I think lingerie, bridal gowns, and sexy cocktail dresses.

But lately I’ve been seeing more and more lace or lace-inspired pieces of jewelry that have caught my eye.

Take a look:

Tree & Kimball

Ann Taylor

The Whirlwind

Argento Vivo

Button Beloved

Efi Warsh

I’m kind of loving this idea, especially when paired with a simple, classic outfit. It adds a little fun, a little bit of texture, and a bohemian kind of vibe.

What do you think? Are you liking it or are you into more simple and classic pieces?


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Lace Week: Shoes!

Just about every girl loves shoes, right? They look good (and still fit!) no matter how much extra padding you have along your waistline or how horribly frizz-tacular your hair may be.

Well, when you add a little lace into the shoe equation, my heart goes all aflutter.

So pretty. So feminine. I need some!

Alice + Olivia



A. Marinelli



Paris Hilton


Not all of these are exactly my cup of tea, but I wouldn’t mind some cute lacy flats for spring.

How do you feel about lace shoes? Are they a yay or a nay?

PS This post is dedicated to Janine who loves shoes and lace and just happens to be a birthday girl today!


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Lace Week: Fashion Finds

Blame it on my immersion in all things bridal for the new magazine I recently co-founded (check out our blog until our first issue is released this spring!), but lace seems like the perfect theme week for February!

It’s feminine and romantic, which is kind of perfect for this heart-filled month. Plus, you can’t help but feel pretty when you wear it–and I can definitely use a little pick me up in the dead of winter!

So, without further ado, feast your eyes on some lacey fashion!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest


Minx Shop

via Pinterest

What do you think? Are you a lace kind of girl or are you not feeling it? If you’re like me and you can’t get enough, be sure to check back tomorrow when I give you a roundup of lacy shoes!


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Must-Have Fashion for 2012

pleated skirts: Halston Heritage, White House | Black Market, Baby Phat
lace: ModCloth, Alice & OliviaQupid
military/safari: Old Navy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, OTBT
’20s inspired: Donna Morgan, Stephan & Co., Seychelles


PS check back tomorrow for Golden Globes fashion!


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Do or Don’t: Lingerie for Your Feet

I came across Half Pretties on Refinery29 about a month ago and I still can’t decide how I feel about them.

What are they, you ask? Well, they’re sort of like lacy underwear for your toes.

There are three different types:

  • Half Pretties “are half-foot lace stockings made from the finest French lace”
  • Flirties “are slip-on lace bands designed to be worn as a garter for the foot”
  • Bridal Half Pretties “bring more sparkle to your special event. The half-foot lace stockings are made from the finest French lace”

As someone who likes anything lacy and feminine, I kind of want to like these. I’m just not sure that I actually do.

What do you think? Is there anything sexy about them or are they just another thing to dump money on?


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