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The Power of Lipstick

Ladies, let’s talk lips. More specifically, let’s talk about breaking down and slapping a little color on ’em.

I had a couple of different conversations recently with other bloggers about how much good a little dab of color will do ya when it comes to your lips. Somehow this one minor step can bring your whole look together.

Where’s the proof, you ask? Why, it’s right here:

This is what I looked like trying to get out of the house the other morning before adding color to my lips. Disheveled. Wild eyed. In need of chocolate before the clock even struck 10 am.

Add just a dab of Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti and poof! I’m an actual human being ready to emerge into a world where I may just run into other grownups. My lip color is by no means overwhelming. It’s subtle and shimmery but it tells the outside world that I’m more than just a house frau with a herd of wee ones hanging from my teat. I mean, come on. It’s even a coral-y color, which is so on trend.

In case you were wondering, this trick also works well on young children:

To make sure the magic wasn’t just in the lip butter, Samantha put on Cover Girl Nature Luxe gloss in anemone. As you can see, it was just as magical.

She enjoyed it’s smoothness and the fact that it made her lips more red than mine (which she told me in a little bit of a “nanny nanny poo poo” voice).

Lest you think this trick is a magical cure all for all creatures, don’t get ahead of yourself. Babies are a whole different ball of wax.

Elyssa emerged from the application process still naked with a drooly chin, scraggly hair and Burt’s Bees breath. Some things are just a lost cause.

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Bright, Bold Summery Lips

I’m generally not a lipstick person. It’s mostly because the interior half of my bottom lip loses the color almost immediately, making me constantly paranoid that I’m suffering from an extreme case of stripe lip. And why wear something that makes you totally self conscious?

The thing is, I’m kind of obsessed with bold lips right now. It seems to go hand in hand with my hardcore coral crush. I want bright, bold coral-colored lips. I don’t know why, but I love it!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I recently bought two new glossy lipsticks to give this summery trend a try. I picked up Cover Girl NatureLuxe gloss balm in anemone and Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti. Both give you a glossy punch of color and leave your lips feeling smooth an hydrated (that’s a major pet peeve of mine: lip color that makes your lips feel all dry and gross).

The Cover Girl product has SPF 15, which I thought was kind of awesome. It goes on nice and smooth and is sort of a cherry color. Depending on how much you layer it on, it can be subtle enough to say “OK fiiiiiine” to your begging six-year old who won’t stop pulling on your leg until you let her put a little on or it can be a little bolder for momma.

The Revlon product is definitely the bolder of the two. But while I like the color and the smooth, creamy coverage I was thoroughly disappointed with the fact that a chunk of it slid off the top during my first application, leaving me with a chunky smooshed mess. I would absolutely swear by their lip butters if it wasn’t for that teensy little malfunction. Now every time I got to put it on there are chunks breaking off on my lips, which is pretty annoying. I’m hoping I just got a defective one but I’m not so sure I want to spend the extra money to see.

Have any of you tried Revlon lip butters? I’m interested in seeing if anyone else had the same issue. And if not, tell me what your go-to lip brand is!


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