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Today is my anniversary!

Today marks three years since my husband and I got married (work that math and our six-year old daughter out in your head and we’ll talk about it another day). To celebrate, I did a fun little post over on Bijou, my bridal blog. Check it out to hear each of our versions of how we met as well as a little bit on what we think of each other.

And, just because, I’ll leave one of our favorite songs here for you to listen to…



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New Cat Power!

I love Cat Power. Like a lot. I wanted her version of Sea of Love to be our first dance song (my husband’s friend used it so we went with the classic At Last instead). I wanted to walk down the aisle to I Found a Reason.

I’m not sure if you realize this, but incorporation into your wedding is some serious commitment to an artist. I was ready for that type of commitment with Cat Power.

As you can imagine I am over the moon about the impending release of her first original album in more than six years. Squeeeeeeeal!

Here’s a little taste…

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Seu Jorge, Changes

Let me warn you that there is pretty much nothing that is timely about this post, unless you count the fact that I rediscovered this song in the car the other day.

I’m kind of a Wes Anderson junkie. Love love love his movies (how could you not love The Royal Tenenbaums or Fantastic Mr. Fox? I mean, what the cuss?!). The first time I watched The Life Aquatic, I fell in love with the Portuguese version of David Bowie’s Changes. Of course, I made my music geek husband track down the source. Turns out Brazilian artist Seu Jorge has an entire album of his studio sessions for The Life Aquatic. Score!

Isn’t it awesome to rediscover something you fell in love with years ago?

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Cover Love: Can’t Help Falling In Love

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie Like Crazy? Every time I see it (well, I guess I mean hear it), it stops me in my tracks.

The song that plays throughout is so hauntingly beautiful, it makes me whip my head around to look every time.

It’s not a new song. In fact it’s a worn-in classic that is so familiar. But Ingrid Michaelson’s aching rendition of Can’t Help Falling in Love (a song which has been sung by the likes of Elvis Presley, UB40, Pearl Jam, U2, and countless others) is one of the best versions I’ve heard of this song (please note, this is not the official video):

Such a pretty version of an already beautiful song, don’t you think?


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