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Transitioning to Fall

Summer: Forever21 shorts / Tinley Road chevron necklace / Old Navy tami (tank + cami) / Guess flip flops / Fall layers: Old Navy cardigan / Forever21 layered necklace / Forever21 striped knit tights / Steve Madden oxfords

One of my favorite things about fall is the layers that go along with it. As it slowly gets cooler, we pile on more and more pieces to stay warm–which means we really get to experiment with what’s inside our closets.

The look I put together here is the perfect example of what I mean. It’s a mish mash (which, I’ll have you know, is a seriously technical term) of some of the most versatile pieces you could own.

If you’re trying to save some money, there’s no reason to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for fall. Instead, shop your closet and add fall colors and textures to your summer faves. Think chunky knits and jewel tones mixed with some of summer’s bright colors. Cobalt is one of the best transitional colors. It goes as well with summer’s carefree tropical palette as it does with fall’s deeper jewel tones.

I am seriously cheap and trying to get on a tight budget, so I will most definitely be using this little tip in the coming weeks. In fact, if I invest in anything this fall it will probably just be a pair of oxfords. I’m kind of obsessed.

How do you transition to cooler temperatures? Are there any pieces that are on your must-have list this fall?


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These Shoes Are Made for Walking

With September starting to breathe down my neck, I’m getting serious about working on our summer must-do list. We took our little getaway, swimming lessons are done and summer camp is also officially checked off. We have the rest of August to get through what’s left of our little list. It includes places like zoos, a museum, and a carousel ride–all of which require a certain amount of walking.

My tried and true Gap flip flops are taking their last gasping breaths (I’m just hoping they last until the end of the summer when I plan to retire them). Plus, they kind of suck for anything that requires more than minimal walking.

So, I’ve rounded up a bunch of cute shoes (some of which are from brands that might surprise you!) that can go anywhere your feet may take you–in comfort and style.


Dr. Scholl’s





Sperry Topsider

Is there a particular brand of shoe that’s your go-to when it comes to comfort? I’m pretty fond of my TOMS, they never seem to disappoint–plus for every pair you buy a pair is donated to a child in need. You can’t really go wrong with that!


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Flat Summer Sandal Inspiration

The start of my daughter’s summer vacation has me scrambling to rework my schedule this week. I may be a little short on time, but I managed to put together a little bit of inspiration for your feet!

I don’t know about you, but summer makes me think of easy, breezy footwear. I want something flat and strappy that can take me virtually anywhere. These cute sandals would work at the park just as well as out to brunch with some friends. Don’t you agree?

clockwise from top left: Sam Edelman, $64.95 / Coconuts, $65 / Corso Como, $129.95
Not Rated, $29.95 / Lola Cruz, $225 / Nicole, $49.99

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Red Carpet to Closet: Amanda Seyfried

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I’m a huge red carpet geek. Any excuse to drool over pretty gowns and fab styling is OK by me.

What I (almost) like more is figuring out how I can translate my favorite looks into pieces that wouldn’t look terribly out of place in my own closet.  Last night’s Tony Awards gave me just that opportunity.

Amanda Seyfried / J. Crew dress / J. Crew belt / Marc Jacobs clutch / ASOS sandal

Amanda Seyfried strutted her stuff in a beaded Givenchy dress last night. I won’t lie, this look isn’t my favorite. The beading and change in color of the dress plus the bright belt is a bit much. What I absolutely love, however, is the combination of bluish-purple with bright pops of neon orange. So fresh and modern, don’t you think?

I decided to create a look that is inspired by Amanda Seyfried’s, but which is stripped of unnecessary extras. I focused on the color and I think the result is much cleaner and kind of perfect for summer. What do you think?


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Shopping for a Baby Girl

My sister is about to have a baby. In fact, she’s actively trying not to have a baby as we speak. She’s not due until the beginning of July, but the little nugget is already trying to force her way out of the uterus. Our fingers are crossed that she stays in there a little longer so that her lungs have some more time to develop–and so that I can finally throw my sister a surprise baby shower (my nephew was six weeks early, making his grand entrance before the baby shower).

All of this baby chatter has me obsessing over teensy tiny baby fingers and toes and all of the cuteness that goes along with having a baby girl. It was the perfect excuse to window shop (not that I really need an excuse!).

My sister is a fashionista with an inclination towards edgy, gothic details (check out her blog to see what I mean. Not that I’m biased or anything, but she’s kind of awesome). It can be a little tough to find pieces for a baby girl that work with her aesthetic. I went on a hunt and came up with a few pieces that I think she would love.

1 Willow’s Garden baby mermaid photo prop ::  2 Pearls & Popcorn shirt :: 3 Cole Haan moccasin :: 4 Petunia Pickle blanket :: 5 The Poppy Tree mermaid print :: 6 Kate Mack bikini :: 7 Truly Sanctuary onesie :: 8 Little Bits Chic headband

All this itty bitty baby chatter is starting to give me a little baby fever (not that my littlest munchkin is much bigger). Here’s to hoping the newest little addition will take care of that for me for the time being!


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Covet: Loeffler Randall Sandal

I’m not going to lie. I absolutely gasped when I came across these adorable sandals. Polka dots and a retro-inspired bow-like knot? You had me at hello.

And then (there’s always an “and then”, isn’t there?) my eyes shifted over to the price. $275.00. For sandals. Yow. These suddenly went from “must have” to “would be a fantastic gift to myself when I become rich and famous.”

If they’re still on your must-have list do yourself a favor and head on over to Ebates, where you can get 7.5% back on purchases from Endless (which is where I found these pretties). Every little bit counts, right?


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My Week Through Instagram

Anyone who follows this column regularly knows that my little bean is a messy baby. Pretty much any day of the week you’ll be able to find a blueberry stain somewhere on her body (if anyone has tips on removing them, please share! I’ve been meaning to try baking soda and water, which I saw on the Food Network, but I can’t imagine her staying still that long).

Well, her messiness isn’t just contained to her eating habits. This week she has been the Mess Queen. It makes me laugh because she looks almost exactly like her sister did when she was this age, yet their personalities couldn’t be any more different.

Samantha is the most pristine little thing. She will literally get out of bed in the middle of the night if she thinks she might have possibly touched her nose. The idea of even a trace of boogers on her fingers drives her crazy. Ellie, on the other hand, smears food in her hair during each and every meal.

First, she discovered the flour. Like her sister, she loves the feel of it. She can be a stealthy little ninja, so sometimes I’ll be doing work or the dishes or something and notice it’s awfully quiet. That usually means she’s getting into trouble.

She also loves emptying things. Here she is with a nice little bed of coupon inserts. She loves to spread them out and rub her hands and feet on the smooth paper. She also likes to shoot me a devilish little smirk while doing it.

This was yet another moment this week when it was a little too quiet. I thought she was playing with her books at the end of my bed, but she had grabbed her wipes container and started making (big) piles of wipes on either side of her. She was very proud of herself–especially when I noticed what she had done.

Aside from cleaning up after messy baby, this week was jam packed with work-related stuff. We had our first two Bijou photo shoots this week! They went really well (and were way too much fun) and we can’t wait to share more with everyone!

My Sams tried on another pair of heels during a mall trip. I always love trying to figure out which pair she’ll be drawn to. I can usually spot them from a mile away and this iridescent leopard-print platform was no exception. I love that she makes me take a picture each time. That kid is hilarious.

This is one of my favorite moments from this week. Every night the girls and I climb into Sam’s bed for bedtime stories. Lately Sam has been reading a couple of short ones and then I’ll read the girls one that’s a little longer. Sometimes Ellie crawls all over the bed trying to get into trouble. Sometimes she can’t keep her tired little eyes open any longer. On this particular night, the little bean flopped herself over both my legs and Sam’s legs and completely passed out. Samantha loved it.

We had a little play date with my nephew, Jack, yesterday after school. We took the kids to the library, where they traipsed in hand in hand. So cute. Afterwards we headed over to the playground to wear them out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Last but not least, I just had to share this one of my husband and Ellie. I had run out to the store after putting the ladies to bed. Ellie woke up at some point and I came home to her passed out on Tim’s shoulder. So precious!


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Vintage Love

I’m having a little bit of a love affair with all things vintage at the moment. Blame it on Mad Men, blame it on being knee deep in weddings (where vintage is all the rage). Wherever the blame lies, I’m grateful for it. Vintage pieces are (sometimes) cheap, nice to the environment, and full of history. How can you go wrong?

1 trench / 2 skirt / 3 espadrilles / 4 embroidered dress / 5 party dress

Some people love vintage. Some people get all skeeved out at the thought of it and consider it other people’s trash. What do you think?

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My Week Through Instagram

Samantha is honestly one of the funniest people I know. Any time we walk into a store that sells shoes (Macy’s is her favorite, if you’re wondering), she absolutely has to try on the tallest most in-your-face pair she can find. Usually they’re covered in glitter. This time she picked a pretty awesome color blocked pair from INC. She tripped over herself about five times before successfully standing in them and making me take a picture.

Here is Miss Elyssa, tearing Barnes and Noble apart while her sister was at story hour. Ellie made a little friend her age and they like to tear books off the shelves together while their big sisters are doing crafts.

My little craft queen is on spring break this week, which means I need lots of activities to keep her busy. This was her working on a project I found on Pinterest that reuses old cardboard boxes to create a little filing system. More on that next week.

It was nice out yesterday and the girls were driving each other (and me!) crazy so I called my sister and we decided to take the kids to Cold Spring for a little picnic. We parked ourselves down by the river (on the ground since I forgot the blanket), stuffed our faces and let the kids run wild. This is Ellie, the drink thief, trying to get away with our drinks.

Samantha loved staring at the river. It made her long for the beach and sand castles. The rest of us thought it was a little too chilly to stand there for too long. She could’ve stood there all day.

Luckily, it was easy to tear her away from the water with the promise of some delicious homemade ice cream from Moo Moo’s Creamery. As you can see, they don’t skimp on portions either. Her small cone had three scoops and was just about as big as her head. She didn’t even come close to finishing it, although she definitely tried.

Sam says: This is my cousin and me. He is my best friend. I love him. Mommy says: These too little boogers are like brother and sister. One minute they’re hugging and kissing. The next, they’re ready to tear each other’s heads off. This was one of the sweet minutes.  Aren’t they the cutest?!

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My Week Through Instagram

Most of our days start out like this. Unlike her pristine big sister, Miss Elyssa could care less about getting messy. Blueberries are her absolute favorite food and no matter how big her bib is, she always ends up covered in purple. No matter what I do, you’re sure to find traces of blueberry on her later in the day. I’m not sure which part I love more, the happy dance Ellie does as soon as you open the freezer (blueberries go bad too quickly!) or Samantha’s infectious giggle as she watches her sister smash them all over her head.

The end of last week was so beautiful, so I got the girls outside as much as possible. Sam had a ball creating masterpieces in the driveway (and writing love notes for daddy to find when he got home from work!). Of course, the little bean had to get in on any action her big sister was involved in. She grabbed some chalk and tried to make a masterpiece of her own, but mostly ended up covering herself–and my pants–in little blue hand prints.

My little diva insisted on wearing her glittery red flats while riding around on her scooter and digging in the dirt (she planted some rocks in hopes of creating the world’s first rock tree). How could I deny her thirst for a little glamour?

There are buds! It honestly feels like a weight is lifted off of me when I start noticing the first buds in the spring. There’s life again! I’m so tired of looking at bare, gloomy trees. Sam and I squeal a little every time we pass a flowering tree or forsythia bushes. This was the view at one of the playgrounds we hit up last week.

This is one of the masterpieces Sam painted to give to family that came over on my little bean’s first birthday. I believe this one was called “The Heart of the Dancing Sun” or something equally lofty and dramatic. Love that little nugget.

Speaking of Ellie’s birthday, it was jam packed. My husband was out of town for work so I tried to pack the girls’ day with fun (they hate it when he’s gone). It was a little colder, but we went to Sam’s elementary school and walked the track (well, Sam ran). Then we took over the playground there. Samantha was a climbing machine while her sister…

got into trouble! She loves emptying things, so she set her sights on the bottom of her stroller which was filled with things like water bottles and crafts from a storytime we went to earlier in the week. This girl is going to be trouble. She’s got a devilish little grin that is sure to charm her out of many a sticky situation.

All in all we had a nice week. The next few promise to be hectic, but being busy isn’t a bad thing, right?



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