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Transitioning to Fall

Summer: Forever21 shorts / Tinley Road chevron necklace / Old Navy tami (tank + cami) / Guess flip flops / Fall layers: Old Navy cardigan / Forever21 layered necklace / Forever21 striped knit tights / Steve Madden oxfords

One of my favorite things about fall is the layers that go along with it. As it slowly gets cooler, we pile on more and more pieces to stay warm–which means we really get to experiment with what’s inside our closets.

The look I put together here is the perfect example of what I mean. It’s a mish mash (which, I’ll have you know, is a seriously technical term) of some of the most versatile pieces you could own.

If you’re trying to save some money, there’s no reason to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for fall. Instead, shop your closet and add fall colors and textures to your summer faves. Think chunky knits and jewel tones mixed with some of summer’s bright colors. Cobalt is one of the best transitional colors. It goes as well with summer’s carefree tropical palette as it does with fall’s deeper jewel tones.

I am seriously cheap and trying to get on a tight budget, so I will most definitely be using this little tip in the coming weeks. In fact, if I invest in anything this fall it will probably just be a pair of oxfords. I’m kind of obsessed.

How do you transition to cooler temperatures? Are there any pieces that are on your must-have list this fall?


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The Easiest Headband DIY Ever!

If you can manage to ignore the dumb look on my face and the awkward pose (hey, I was singing and dancing in between taking self photos to keep my little bean happy. This is as good as it gets!), you’re going to love this super easy DIY. In fact, it’s so easy, it hardly qualifies as a DIY.

I’ve mentioned how much I like buns. And I’ve mentioned how I need to accessorize a bit more to escape the rut I’m finding myself in. This super quick, super easy (and super cheap!) headband combines all of my favorite things.

All you need is some tulle (you can buy 25 yards of it for less than three dollars on Amazon!). The piece that I used was roughly 26″ long by 8″ wide. Wrap the tulle around the back of your head and tie a knot in front as if you’re about to tie your shoes. Make sure it’s snug so that you’re not tugging at it all day! Once you’re happy with how secure it is, knot it again. You can either leave the ends out for a bow-like look that’s fun and whimsical or you can tuck them under (like I did here).

Cute. Easy. Inexpensive. Just how I like it!

What do you think?


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Handmade Haven: Turquoise

Yesterday I was talking about how summertime always awakens my love for anything nautical. Today I want to talk turquoise. Like the nautical trend, my love for turquoise always intensifies in the summer and holds strong through the fall, where it mixes nicely with autumn’s jewel tones. My love for it always begins with stones and trickles out to the color in general.

There’s something very bohemian and carefree about turquoise. It makes me think of bare feet, grassy fields and long dresses. I have no idea why. But because of the vibe I always get from it, I’m particularly drawn to turquoise pieces that are handmade.

So, without further ado, here is my little handmade turquoise round up:

Brooklyn Thread

Golden Plume

Xtra Virgin

Delezhen Charmed

Blue Soul Designs

Nava Glazer

Jenni Jewel

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Summer Trends: Nautical Fashion

Something about summer awakens a nautical craze in us ladies. Maybe it’s the promise of sea breezes or the longing for a scenic boat ride. Maybe it’s the easy, breezy style. Whatever the reason, once the weather turns warm, nautical looks are everywhere.

I’m certainly not complaining. I absolutely love the fresh, classic feel of a nautically-inspired look. With a combination of a few basic ingredients, anyone can pull off this trend.

dress :: headscarf :: cardigan :: ring :: earrings

By combining two or three of these details (there’s no need to pile them all on at once–you’re not trying to slam the theme home!) you can create a look that screams summer casual. Best of all? Nautical styles can easily transition into fall with a little bit of layering.


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Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Lace Shorts

clockwise from top left: white, cobalt, hot pink, black, blush, blue

I always swoon a little when I see a pair of lace shorts, whether in a store or online–especially when said shorts have pretty scalloped edges. There’s something so feminine and pretty and somewhat unexpected about them. I guess it’s that you expect to see lace on lingerie and the occasional camisole, but shorts? Not so much.

Some people find them a little much. They think they’re a little too much like lingerie. I’m not about to traipse around town in lace hot shorts, but if they’re long enough I’m all for them.

Still, I don’t own a pair–yet.

Where do you fall on the lace shorts continuum? Are you a lace shorts cheerleader or do you think they’re just for harlots?


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Trend To Try: Hi Lo Dresses

If you’re on the prowl for something to shake up your same-old summer wardrobe, you should most definitely consider this summer’s It Dress, the hi lo dress.

1 Noli / 2 ASOS / 3 Loveapella / 4 Bebe / 5 Forever21 / 6 ModCloth

I’m particularly in love with the sheer, flowy, bohemian versions of this silhouette. They look effortless and chic and oh-so comfortable. You can also style them for anything from BBQs to weddings. I don’t know about you, but I love me a versatile article of clothing.

I have one of these so far (a comfy color blocked beauty from Old Navy) and would love to add more to my closet. Have you tried them out yet?


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Flat Summer Sandal Inspiration

The start of my daughter’s summer vacation has me scrambling to rework my schedule this week. I may be a little short on time, but I managed to put together a little bit of inspiration for your feet!

I don’t know about you, but summer makes me think of easy, breezy footwear. I want something flat and strappy that can take me virtually anywhere. These cute sandals would work at the park just as well as out to brunch with some friends. Don’t you agree?

clockwise from top left: Sam Edelman, $64.95 / Coconuts, $65 / Corso Como, $129.95
Not Rated, $29.95 / Lola Cruz, $225 / Nicole, $49.99

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Bright, Bold Summery Lips

I’m generally not a lipstick person. It’s mostly because the interior half of my bottom lip loses the color almost immediately, making me constantly paranoid that I’m suffering from an extreme case of stripe lip. And why wear something that makes you totally self conscious?

The thing is, I’m kind of obsessed with bold lips right now. It seems to go hand in hand with my hardcore coral crush. I want bright, bold coral-colored lips. I don’t know why, but I love it!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I recently bought two new glossy lipsticks to give this summery trend a try. I picked up Cover Girl NatureLuxe gloss balm in anemone and Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti. Both give you a glossy punch of color and leave your lips feeling smooth an hydrated (that’s a major pet peeve of mine: lip color that makes your lips feel all dry and gross).

The Cover Girl product has SPF 15, which I thought was kind of awesome. It goes on nice and smooth and is sort of a cherry color. Depending on how much you layer it on, it can be subtle enough to say “OK fiiiiiine” to your begging six-year old who won’t stop pulling on your leg until you let her put a little on or it can be a little bolder for momma.

The Revlon product is definitely the bolder of the two. But while I like the color and the smooth, creamy coverage I was thoroughly disappointed with the fact that a chunk of it slid off the top during my first application, leaving me with a chunky smooshed mess. I would absolutely swear by their lip butters if it wasn’t for that teensy little malfunction. Now every time I got to put it on there are chunks breaking off on my lips, which is pretty annoying. I’m hoping I just got a defective one but I’m not so sure I want to spend the extra money to see.

Have any of you tried Revlon lip butters? I’m interested in seeing if anyone else had the same issue. And if not, tell me what your go-to lip brand is!


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Summertime Coverage

My daughter’s swimming lessons are starting up a week from today. This realization has kicked  my swimwear fears into high gear. Last summer I had just had my little bean and decided that I was only going to focus on finding cover ups that could take me from place to place. I was all about girl power and body acceptance. While I’m trying to stay on that train this time around, my needs are definitely completely different.

Last summer I was keeping one eye on my nervous five-year old in the pool while trying to rock my newborn and keep her asleep to avoid too much sun exposure. This summer I will have a much more confident six-year old who is already talking about adventures in the deep end and a 15-month old who fears nothing. I fully expect to be run ragged and am OK with that (chasing wild children counts as a workout, no?). The one thing I’m concerned about  is eliminating the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction.

I declare this year my Summer of Coverage. I’m not looking to be matronly. I just want to make sure I have some pieces that won’t leaving me pulling and tugging and fearing I can fall out at any moment. Because really, who needs a nagging fear of wardrobe malfunctions in the back of your mind when you’re trying to wrangle adventurous water babies?

1 Old Navy maxi cover up / 2 Splendid terry dress / 3 Lauren by Ralph Lauren swimdress / 4 Jantzen swimdress / 5 Old Navy striped cover up / 6 Athleta caftan / 7 Old Navy boyshort / 8 Old Navy shorts

Have you found swimwear or cover ups that you swear by? My hunt is in high gear and I would love and and all recommendations!


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Summer Uniform

I know I’m a little slow here, but I am officially on the maxi train. I’ve been obsessing over them for more than a year now and I’ve finally found a recipe that works for my body.

tee: Old Navy / maxi: Old Navy / necklace: Hive & Honey / bangles left: Tinley Road / bangles right: Hive & Honey / sandals: Forever21

First, it’s all about the gauze. Breezy and loose fitting, the pretty gauze skirts and dresses out there won’t cling to you (ie won’t show any lumps and bumps that you’d rather keep under cover). I had been drawn to cottony pieces but have found that they just don’t work for me. I bought the maxi skirt above at Old Navy last week and I am madly in love. I’m seriously considering heading back in and buying a few more.

The other thing I’ve learned is that I need something that can be nipped at the waist. I love the really loose and flowy looks, but I need something that has at least a little bit of structure. Whether it’s darting in the dress itself, the addition of a belt, or using separates to create a shape, I need something or I run the risk of looking larger than necessary.

I’ve also learned that lots of the dresses that are out there have tiers that create a sort of drop waist effect. This is a huge no for my body, as it does nothing but cling to my gut–something I’d rather not make the center of attention.

Now that I’ve perfected my maxi recipe, I’m pretty sure it will become my new summer uniform.

Is there a trend that you’ve had to fiddle with until you find the best way to make it work for your body? I want to hear about it!


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