2012 Oscar Fashion Round Up

I know I say this after every single awards show, but I’m such an awards show geek! I started the girls’ bedtime routine a little early last night to be sure I could be sitting in front of the TV with my little notebook watching the ridiculous red carpet coverage. Yeah, I know. I need a life. But I love the parade of gowns!

Last night wasn’t the most fantastic in terms of hits and misses, but I still have some favorites:

photos via MTV.com

The gorgeous green color of Viola Davis’s Vera Wang gown was stunning. I’m also a huge fan of the structured top paired with the more free-flowing pleated bottom. She looked absolutely amazing. I love that she went light with the jewelry and wore her hair short and natural. She looks so statuesque!

Kristen Wiig went with a more whimsical look. The frothy bottom of her J. Mendel gown was my favorite part. I also love the color on her, though it has been criticized a bit. Her hair has also been picked on as too casual, but I love her loose beachy waves. I think she looked fab.

Gwyneth Paltrow absolutely killed it in Tom Ford. Killed it! First of all, this mommy of two has an absolutely amazing body. To be able to wear a gown so fitted (and in white!) is no easy feat. She looks absolutely stunning. And the cape was a fantastic, unexpected addition to a look that was already fabulous. The back of her hair left a bit to be desired, but we can’t all be perfect, can we?

Ridiculous posing aside (I loved Jim Rash, co-writer of The Descendants and the Dean on Community, poking fun at her during their acceptance speech), Angelina Jolie looked stunning. The structured top and slit up the side of her Atelier Versace gown were fantastic. I wish someone would feed her some donuts, but that’s another post.

I love Michelle Williams. I just adore her. So I might be a little biased, but I thought she was gorgeous in that coral Louis Vuitton dress. From the color to the peplum and the pink clutch to the brooch, I thought she was beautiful.

Last but not least, I adored Cameron Diaz in Gucci! It really suited her beach babe aesthetic. The bottom of the gown was gorgeous and totally reminded me of water lapping the shore of the beach.

To be honest, there weren’t any gowns that I hated last night–mostly because no one really took any big risks (sorry Rooney Mara, but wearing white instead of black isn’t really a risk!).

photos via MTV.com

Sandra Bullock stepped out in Marchesa, who I usually love. But I was underwhelmed. I don’t really like the belt or the way the top cuts across her body. It wasn’t horrible, but it was meh.

Then there’s Emma Stone. I love her. I thought she did an incredible job presenting and that color is perfect for her. But the over-sized bow on her Giambattista Valli Couture gown swallowed her whole!

Kate Mara could have been perfection in her Jack Guisso couture gown (which reminds me a lot of some of my favorite new Marchesa gowns), if only that droopy arm bandage was snipped off and she stood up straight.

Maya Rudolph’s hair and makeup were gorgeous and the color of her Johanna Johnson gown was perfect for her. But I thought the shoulder and waist detail combined with the cuff was a bit much. I’d keep the shoulder detail, ditch the cuff, and embellish the waist with something less glitzy.

Do you agree with my roundup or do you think I got something totally wrong?



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126 responses to “2012 Oscar Fashion Round Up

  1. Viola Davis: had no idea that was her! She looked like a completely different person than her character. Angelina Jolie looked super thin, and thought the leg out was a bit obvious. But I liked her presenting and her and Pitt’s gracious acceptance of all the jokes sent their way.

  2. Carlie Chew

    Michelle Williams’ dress is my favorite, gorgeous!

  3. Paltrow’s gown was risky with the cape and all but it looked absolutely stunning on her! I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I thought it worked perfectly with her.

  4. I think Viola Davis looked stunning. Loved the color and the cut for her. I would add to your best dressed list Penelope Cruz’s gorgeous gray/blue gown and I’d shift Sandra Bullock up to well dressed. I liked how different it was and sleek. I’d move Angelina Jolie down, not because of her dress, it is beautiful, but because her arms and legs seem too thin. It was a little bit skeletor and I though she specifically posed with her leg out every time the cameras were on her. Ok, we get it, your dress has a slit up to your thigh. Ok, already! LOL

  5. I didn’t get to watch it so thanks for sharing! That’s definitely my favorite part is the gowns! I can always dream!

  6. Emma Stone forever haha that dress is by far my favorite!

  7. i think Milla Jovovich was gorgeous too. she’s my second fav after always stunning Angelina.

  8. Tori

    Loved Clooney dressing up his girlfriend like a little Oscar award – new meaning to being a “trophy wife” !

  9. I totally agree with your astute comment about Maya, I knew something was just not right. How come no mention of J Lopez or Diaz? As for Rooney, I agree, nothing shocking.

  10. I thought Emma Stone’s bow was going to eat her face — WAY too overwhelming! πŸ˜‰

  11. Raaj Trambadia

    I’m not at all surprised to see Cameron Diaz so beautiful πŸ™‚ I mean, she is meant to be in that gorgeous gown !! Looks fabulous one !! Thanks for sharing this post πŸ˜›

    And please check out my latest post on love – http://raajtram.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/love-sometimes-stupidity-d/

  12. Fabulous dresses this year! Dramatic, geometric cuts, fluffy ruffles, bead-work, and classic elegance.

    Oh, and YES Angelina, we SEE YOUR LEG.

  13. Gwyneth is definitely the star. I thought she looked fantastic. Note to self: do (even) more yoga.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I love Angelina Jolie’s dress and her personality as awhl

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    Oscars πŸ™‚

  16. Emma’s dress is reminiscent of Nicole Kidman’s 2007 Oscar gown.

  17. I have to disagree about Viola Davis- while the color was very pretty on her I thought she looked like a mermaid- her breasts were way too squished!

  18. Octavia was definitely one of my favorites of the evening. She looked stunning without being some little stick figure. Her speech was also beyond adorable.

  19. Great post! I especially agree with you about Gwyneth – amazing! And Jessica Chastain was another favorite of mine.

  20. twynne105

    Great re-cap. I love Emma Stone and think she always looks beautiful, but I really hated that bow. I wasn’t a fan of the color for her – an emerald green would have looked so much better with her hair color.

  21. Loved Penelope Cruz’s dress. Oh and the back shot of Cameron and Jennifer lopez was a lot of fun.

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    hi im crazy abouth fashion and when im and adult i want to work in fashion grate blog cheack out mine pleases thanks molly ps im 13

  23. i really liked it im prob the most youngest hear but i do lovethe dresses

  24. Super fun post! I loved GP’s white dress, too! She was def. best dressed!! And CameronD! Viola D’s natural hair was absolutely gorgeous! I don’t see why she bothers with wigs in public. So glad to see how radiant she looked. I really liked MStreep’s dress, too – the only one not on your list, here. I thought M looked fit and fantastic – and the belt made her look slim. She was a better oscar statue than SKeebler πŸ™‚ Too safe of a night, overall. Nobody took a risk or looked as stunning as they might. My win for the awards season goes to Jessica Alba in that purple confection from the Globes? was it? Wowza!

  25. I love Maya Rudolph’s purple dress. The detail on the back was great too. But I agree with Kristen Wiig. I love the colour and her hair is great. I think she was best dressed.

  26. Sarah D.

    Octavia looked fabulous. Viola, too. Nice dress for Angelina, but she does look a bit skeletal. And although I didn’t see her interviewed, the female lead of “The Artist,” Berenice Bujo, looked absolutely gorgeous — no surprise there.

  27. When I saw Sandra Bullock on TV her dress looked a lot better than it appears in the pics I’ve seen online. The back draped down to her waist and was stunning. I agree with Jess Witkins – Penelope Cruz’s dress was one of my favorites, and I really liked what Glenn Close wore.

  28. Omg.. Cameron Diaz – gorgeous head to toe. Her hair sooo age appropriate; it was perfection. Her makeup was flawless. And that dress… absolutely stunning. Honestly, I could get married in that dress. Angelina was looking quite frail, but I do think that the dress was amazing. Her hair looked soft and pretty and the red lip was perfect. She looked so happy last night! She was stunning… but yes, the girl does need to eat a cheeseburger. πŸ™‚ Personally I loved Emma Stone. She looked beautiful, and I didn’t mind the bow. However, some people thought the whole thing was way too Nicole Kidman. Sandra’s dress wasn’t AS bad once I saw it from the back, but still eh…

    I was watching the red carpet parade on E! and thought Giuliana Rancic looked super glamorous. She needs some donuts too though. πŸ˜›

  29. I think Cameron Diaz Nailed it! amazing dress!!

  30. Agree with your choices, in particular Gwyneth! She looked incredible. I also loved Milla Jovovich. I guess when you look like her you expect to look amazing, but the dress was stunning, and her hair complemented it perfectly. Beautiful. Viola Davis made a bold choice which I really liked. She has killed it at the awards – her GG dress suited her beautiful physique perfectly.

  31. George Clooney’s girlfriend’s dress was just stunning, as was Gwyneth’s. But OMG…Melissa Leo’s blinged-out shirtdress had to go!

  32. I like Maya Rudolph’s dress. I think it would be fine if she took the cuff off.

  33. Kristin Wiig and Gwenyth were for sure my faves. I also really loved Berenice Bejo’s gown as well. I think I was least impressed with Robert Downey Jr. RDJ normally brings the goods, but dude was a hot, hot mess! (Thought his skit was terribly unfunny too.)

  34. There are some beautiful dress this year. Focusing on elegant rather than out-there.

  35. I enjoyed your write up and summary of Oscar red carpet show down. I disagree though with your dislike of Sandra Bullock’s gown. Personally I thought it was stunning and very elegant, I love the detail around the waste. My other favourite was good old Gwyneth’s gown, who looked ethereal and striking.

  36. Wowwww…the Botox family………

  37. I LOVE Emma Stone’s dress, i thought it was so striking! I disagree with the bow but still, brilliant post πŸ™‚ xx

  38. lilbrigs

    I’m literally about to write a blog post just like this. πŸ™‚ I agree with most of your decisions. Angelina and Cameron were probably my favorites. Least were J Lo, Emma Stone, and Colin Firth’s wife-who looked like somebody had sloppily colored red all over her.

  39. you def chose the best dressed!!!! ❀

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    Def all the best dressed!!

  41. Belissimo ….sΓ£o bem fashions os looks …..sΓ³ acho que existe grandes estilista que nem ao menos sΓ£o famosos …..mais criam roupas muito melhores que as grandes marcas …..

  42. olha meu blog ….nΓ£o Γ© um mega blog ….mais estou se dedicando e estilizando minha opniΓ£o ….


  43. Gwyneth rules! She looked like a Roman goddess, absolutely stunning.

  44. I know everyone has been having a field day with Angie’s leg, but I actually don’t think the dress works without her leg out. Imagine it . . . without the miles of leg, it’s just a very heavy, velvet number that doesn’t really have that wow factor. Her posing was seriously contrived, but the leg totally balances the dress – for realz! πŸ™‚ Agreed with every word of this post (save the bit about Emma Stone, her head-eating bow was perfection!!). Congrats on the FP!

  45. Love your review of the gowns. I’m not fashion-savvy by any stretch of the imagination, but here are my thoughts: Penelope Cruz was my fave. I’m a sucker for flowing, romantic gowns and the color was beautiful. I totally agree that Gwyneth killed it. She’s a stunning woman but she didn’t let the gown overshadow her. And, yeah, Emma Stone’s bow was distracting. I do think Angelina was a bit ridiculous–totally agree, though, that someone needs to deliver a big box of donuts to her house.

  46. Jessica

    Natalie Portman! I loved her dress!

  47. Nice post! I loved Cameron Diaz’s gown. She looked stunning! And yes, Angie definitely needs to eat several donuts and cheeseburgers but I still love her and Brad πŸ™‚

  48. I must respectfully disagree with the Emma Stone analysis. I thought the dress was lovely, even the bow. But, then I am a bit bow obsessed at the moment. Maya Rudolf was on my worst dressed list, and it was a short list. But, the proportions on the detailing were so off and it didn’t fit properly, it looked like a home ec project.

  49. I agree with about 90% of your picks–I didn’t love Michelle Williams’ dress it was kind of droopy. But I did like Sandra’s gown here were my other faves: http://www.momtrends.com/2012/02/oscar-fashion-recap-2/

  50. I’m totally with you on awards shows – I’m a total geek too! Can’t believe you didn’t like Emma – the bow was huge, you’re right, but I so love that color. And I can’t get past Angelina’s weird leg to even look at the dress! πŸ™‚

  51. Maya’s dress is too high-necked and the angle of it is just not flattering, but the dress is a pretty color; Angelina always has a slit up her dress and looks like a skeleton; JLo’s boobs were about to pop out, but she and Cameron’s butt shot was hot; agreed with your description of Cameron; Natalie was adorable and has such a cute body shape; Sandra’s dress looked like an old lady dress and she still has a young, pretty look; Kristin Wiig looked fabulous even more than usual; Emma Stone was funny but yes that damned bow was about to eat her, and Stacey Kiebler looked so hot it made me question my orientation lol.

  52. I feel like Angelina rarely goes wrong when it comes down to the gown. However, I think she looks extra fabulous this time because there is actually some volume in her hair for once! It’s nice to see some life and personality along with that beautiful gown!

  53. lucieloves

    I loved all your picks! You have great taste! And I geek out during the Oscars with you, though next year, I’ll take a note pad!

  54. Love this!

    Check out my Inside Oscar After Parties post ; )


  55. Viola looked great, and Angelina has been the epitome of beauty at these awards shows this season.

  56. I don’t know why everyone thought Angelina’s leg was so weird; she was obviously playing a joke, and I thought her dress (and her!) was beautiful; so what if she’s a bit on the too-skinny side? It’s kind of funny that people always want to comment when someone’s super-skinny, but when an actress is fat or “full-figured” they just load on the praise….

  57. jackwuibuzone

    So beautiful clothes can be found here

  58. LynaTrina

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    Gorgeous dresses.

  59. 924collective

    WE LOVED OCTAVIA & VIOLA! Shame on Billy Crystal for His unsavory
    Racist Remarks on an almost flawless Oscar Night. http://t.co/uZp9TY9E

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    Academic Fashion!

  61. What happened to Milla Jovovich? She looked better than anyone, imo.

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    Angelina Jolie was gorgeous from head to toe!

  63. Wonderful round up!
    The Oscars truly had a wide range of couture and surprises this year. We had a lot of opinions in common, too!
    Mind checking out my Oscars section on my latest post?


  64. You forgot J.Lo!!! loved both of her dresses!

  65. ceceamazon

    I agree I loved all the gowns at the oscars which is strange lol! Like you said nobody took a big risk but 2 ppl I didnt see you talk about were J Lo n Cameron Diaz…i loved their gowns too!

  66. Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz~ perfect girls! ^.^~

  67. juliawade

    I have to admit it — I love the gowns parade too! This was fun to read and I enjoyed your point of view. I LOVED Viola and her dress. Here’s a fun video with vocals by my good friend and fellow singer, Jan Horvath: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN4gASKH2og

  68. Great Blog post. Loving all the pictures and the stars in there Dresses.


  69. i love the cape! have to super tall and thin to pull that off!

  70. Yahoo gave Gwyneth Paltrow’s minimalist gown a D grade just because of the cape. And I beg to disagree. Thanks to this post! I love her gown. Simply amazing, no frills!

  71. Your list looks pretty much like mine ….I’m just surprised the gorgeous Penelope Cruz in that fabulous blue Armani Prive gown didn’t make it on your top honors.

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    I was going to post my own roundup, now I don’t have to. Talk about lazy blogging.

  73. Some fierce and beautiful women!

  74. jennechrisville

    Gwyneth it is πŸ™‚

  75. I absolutely love Emma Stone. She’s such a natural beauty and red has always been her colour. πŸ™‚

  76. SweetP

    I didn’t watch so thanks for putting this blog on so I could see the gowns. Gwyneth looks stunning and this is a pleasant change as I’ve not really been a fan of her gowns of late. Cameron, love that gown, she is always one that surprises me, she is so beach casual but when she goes red carpet she does it right! Now I can’t wait for my InStyle Magazine’s recap issue!

  77. Poor Angelina must not be getting enough attention these days. Such a foolish move on her part. And for her eating disorder, what kind of example is she setting for her brood??
    Cameron is always stunning!

  78. I didn’t find any dress I didn’t like, however, nothing was an absolute eye-catcher either. I still cannot forget Halle Berry’s 2009 dress. When I saw her in that dress, I couln’t breathe for a few seconds.

  79. Personally I thought Angelina looked terrible. Ugh and that skinny bird leg.


  80. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Paltrow definitely gets Best of Show IMO (no pun intended). Mature, reserved, statuesque, and a body to die (or diet) for. The cape is fine. And yes, Billy Crystal’s joke about wanting to hug a black woman but the closest was 45 minutes from Beverly Hills was definitely off-color (pun intended). I’m sure all he really had to do was consult The Help of a nearby mansion, though today they probably all speak Spanish, but I digress. But I know nothing about fashion. Whatever. (Meryl Streep.) πŸ™‚

  81. Gwyneth Paltrow head & shoulders above the rest, for wearing a highly architectural yet feminine piece. Lots of classical influence in colour & shape, which plays well with her features and poise.

    Cameron Diaz’ gown complements her very well too, but it’s less interesting than Paltrow’s.

  82. I said almost the exact same thing about Sandra, Emma, and Kate! In my words: Sandra’s dress was two sizes too big, Emma — how do you write a choking sound? and Kate — stand up, girl! you’re at the Oscars!


  83. zainabqasem

    Joile’s dress was amazing
    Unfortunately her hair style and makeup were awful
    I assume she was so late that she couldn’t fix her hair probably, it looked so flat and empty with life
    and the red lipstick!!!! that didn’t fit her at all

  84. Typical of my sex, I’ve read this post not to view the gowns but the gals. And I must say I’m quite disgusted. The only woman pictured who is not underweight is Maya Rudolph. What’s with Hollywood? Why has emaciation been the trend for American actresses in the last several decades? I don’t see how they even survive. It’s such a paradox: How can so many superstars choose emaciation, while so many ordinary Americans struggle with obesity?

  85. Excuse me, Angelina, could you move your leg inside your dress so we can see everyone else?? Loved Jessica Chastain. The dress was definitely my favorite. Liked Natalie Portman’s dress, too, and would give the overall best look to Cameron Diaz–hair, dress, everything. Just perfect. Just one question. Does JLo ever wear anything that doesn’t V to her waist. Ho hum. We’ve seen the flesh, move along. Stuff the girls back in and stand over there by Angie’s leg.

  86. LOL we have to agree with you about Angelina needed a donut or TWO, but she did look gorgeous! Seeing her and brad together on the red carpet , it kinda freaked us out! they looked like wax figures of themselves!! Very iconic beauty.

    Viola Davis looked stunning too, the colour was gorgeous on her, and her hair colour as well was beautiful. She was such a standout, we’re sad she didnt steal the win… BUT… meryl needed it! It’s been too long for that woman, and she looked great too!!

    The moment of the night was emma stones presenting. She was hilarious, asking jonah hill onstage… what a wierdo!! Her dress we’re just okay on… but her humour, we adore!!

    And we have to mention Rooney!! we loved the white on her, and the architeture of that gown.

    Too many beauties to mentions, but this was a great recap of the nights gorgeous gowns…

    The Eye

  87. I love the dresses and they are all beautiful but the ones I loved the most are not on your list ( Giuliana Rancic and Milla Jovovich )what do you think about them ??)….But great choices…they are all stunning and I agree not many risk takers this year. =)
    Lovely blog…Im following….


  88. I am a huge fan of awards show red carpets and really geek out over it too! πŸ˜‰ Love your post! What about Jessica Chastain though? I thought she was the best dressed of the night!

  89. I also love Emma’s dress, color especially. The red color is just perfect for her. But, because she is still young, i’d like to see her wearing more modernized dress:/

  90. Viola always nails it style-wise as far as I’m concerned & she was fabulous on Oscar night – that shade of green looks divine on her!! Gwyneth looked sublime too, I was completely captivated by her look – also loved Mila Jovovich who was ethereally beautiful & Octavia Spencer worked gorgeous Glamour to perfection. Michelle Williams amazing too!!

    And there’s nothing wrong with clearing your evening schedule once in a while to watch the awards season red carpet fashion shows – you’re certainly not the only one πŸ˜‰ Stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  91. Running in Mommyland

    I thought Sandra Bullock’s dress looked much better when it was moving. It didn’t photograph all that well. Did you see Claire Danes in that Valentino at the VF party? Next to Gwyneth she was my favorite….but maybe it doesn’t count because she wasn’t at the awards?

  92. I don’t think any of these dresses are terrible, but I do disagree about Gwyneth Paltrow. I thought her dress was very blah, and too old for her. I am not a big fan of how overwhelming that black dress is on skinny little Angelina Jolie, and I seem to be the only one to LOVE Sandra Bullock’s dress. It was very ageless and chic. I would even wear it! I loved it!
    I also am not a fan of that feather poof on the bottom of wiig’s dress. That seems to be a trend right now, and I can’t stand it!
    I do agree with mostly everything else you said though!

  93. You have such an awesome Blog following! How do you do it – get folks to engage like this with what you write? I have good content. Do you post on sites or ?? Thanks a million.

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  95. I’m no fashionista but the gowns are at least 60% of why I watch (I dvr’d so I could skip commercials).

    Michelle Williams and Cameron Diaz were tops in my book. Angelina could wear a grocery bag and look great but, yes, that girl needs a donut or 500.

    Viola was breathtaking, Sandra…”meh” says it all πŸ™‚

    Fun post .. thanks for letting us all cast our votes πŸ™‚

    And congrats on being FP’d!! MJ

  96. oh so flash

    Totally agree with your post! absolutely loved Gweneth. I think Guiliana Rancic looked amazing as well. Nice post!

  97. For me, Gwyneth was the best dressed lady on the red carpet. Just perfect!!!


  98. troismommy

    I actually loved Natalie Portman’s dress. I thought she looked just beautiful without being overdone.

    A friend of mine commented that Angie’s leg had to stick out like that because it was like a kickstand – without it she would just fall down. πŸ˜›


  99. Yeah!I agree with you! But i don’t like the best picture this year!

  100. Wonderful….all this Botox faces…….dresses…I dont see πŸ˜‰

  101. A lady after my own heart. *fans face* Great coverage.

  102. Pingback: Stop what you’re doing and look at this! « kerrycooks

  103. There is no comparison to red carpet oscar fashions

  104. I can’t lie, Angelina’s dress was absolutely stunning, above all the dresses of the night – my opinion only, though. But, I did love J.Lo’s after party dress. Gwyneth could have ditched the cape too, she would’ve looked far more stunning. And a plus to Cameron’s beautifully hued gown.

  105. My favourites were Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz.. Thought Gwyneth could really do without the cape.. Her minimal accessories also scored really well πŸ™‚

  106. theyellowranger

    I think I am the only person in the universe who didn’t like Viola Davis’s dress. Don’t get me wrong, the color was perfection on her skin and I loved her natural do, but the bust was so weird-looking to me. Maybe because she just wore another dress recently that was really cleavage-y and in your face, I don’t know. I just really didn’t like anything about it beside the color.

    I agree with most of your other opinions though. I would just say to add Milla Jovovich and Jessica Chastain to the top. They both looked FANTASTIC. Milla looked so old hollywood glamour to me and Jessica was glowing.

    Congrats on FP!

  107. Thank God everyone here is concerned with dresses they will never be able to afford and pampered women they will never meet, rather than the current state of anarchy in Haiti leading to unprecedented and unpunished gang rape; the robocall scandal in Canada that is misleading anti-Conservatives away from the Liberal and NDP voting polls, and Obama’s adorably misguided attempt to reduce the cost of oil in America by intercepting Republican oil-drilling projects when in all reality it is the Middle East that will continue to push the cost of oil to unfathomable (pun) limits. Priorities are important, you know. Well done as always, ladies.

  108. I was so gutted I missed the red carpet 😦 best part of the whole awards show (in my opinion) and somehow I lost track of the time… next year!

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